The Dream About The Lama’s Visit

In the early morning before sunrise, I prepared all the things I needed to embark on my journey to the nearby village of Chimdro to help those who are in need. As I crossed the bridge, I begin to say my morning prayers, and prayed to Buddha to help guide me to the path of compassion. On the way to the Chimdro, the people in my village were busy preparing for the lama’s visit within seven days.

The scholars within our village are busy preparing a letter to invite the lama to our village. I took some money from my bag and offered it to the people in the village to help with the preparation for the lama’s visit. I hope that once he arrives, all the ritualists who have been selfish will come to their senses and practice peace and equanimity to help others instead of following the wrong path towards selfishness and creating negative karma for themselves.

I was very happy to hear that the lama might be coming to our village to offer his blessings, enlightenment rituals and teachings. In the night, I had a dream about the famous lama visit. In my dream, everyone was offering scarves, or khata made of cotton, silk, or polyester which contains auspicious symbols or mantras inscribed into the fabric. They presented a khata, by folding it in half length-wise and offer it with the open edges.

The khatas were offered to the lamas to show deep gratitude and respect to honor his presence, the scarf were given with folded hands near a person’s forehead with a humble bow before them, with head bent over and palms joined together to symbolize utmost respect. Nobody placed the khanta over their neck. The khantas was returned to the giver. As a token for the person’s respect, the khanta is blessed by the lama. The Dalai Lama was teaching everyone about the eight-fold path and how through right view, which is seeing the four noble truths, and practicing right intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration one can find the path of end suffering. Everyone was sitting with full concentration and respect. I noticed that even the ritualists were beginning to open their eyes to see the truth about their wrongful intentions and actions. After the blessing from the Dalai Lama everyone was a little more aware of the fact that all things lack inherent essence and had a moment of deep inner self-reflections.

We all felt blessed to have the lama visit our land and blessed everyone with his pure compassion, love and kindness. Everyone whom received the blessed scarves honored it as a precious symbol of protection from harm. We all thanked the Dalai Lama for his compassion and kindness for trying the help us understand what we needed to do in order to end the karmic cycle of endless suffering. We all knew that it would take a lot of time and effort to follow the eight-fold path, but we were all determined to follow his teachings.

When i woke up from my dream, I remembered that in the Tibet tradition, it is common to put Khatas over statues, thangka paintings, pictures of reincarnated Rinpoches and altar spaces. However, when one receives a Khanta from a famous lama, it is very precious and will be kept as a talisman and protector. Also, the offering scarves may be put on prayer flags before one hangs them as a sign of your prayers being sincere and pure so that the gods may see and offer you their blessings.

As I continue my journey towards Chimdro, I felt the coldness of the winter breeze approaching. The weather is getting colder with each passing day, and when winter approaches I am afraid there will be a shortage of food for everyone due to the hailstorm. When I arrived at the nearby village, I saw so many children who were starving and homeless because their mother has just passed away, elderly people fallen ill, and men injured from the storm. Right away I gave the children some money to purchase some food and begin to help those who have fallen ill.

The majority of the people in the village are suffering from the naga disease which is caused my naga spirits. These spirits are associated with everything in our natural surroundings such as lakes, trees and forests and when people come into contact with them and destroy their territory, they disrupt the spirits. One of the meditation technique that I will try to use is called the, “giving and taking”. This is a meditation technique that is well-known in Tibet medicine to visualize the illness of others and at the same time, try to visualize giving them good health and hope that this will get rid of the naga spirits. It is a mental healing process that must be practice with loving kindness and positive energy. As I begin the meditation, I prayed in my mind that, “may the positive energy within me be transferred to those who are ill, and help cure them from the naga spirits.” Sometimes, depending on the karmic connections of the people whom I help, some might heal faster than others.

Three days have passed and the people are finally healed from the naga disease. Everyone was very happy and grateful for my help and thanked me with deep gratitude. They offered me to stay in their homes for a few days before leaving their village. I thanked them for their generosity, but informed them that there might be a lama visit in my village. After hearing about the preparation for the lama visit, the villagers asked if they could follow me back to my town and help with the preparations. I was so happy to hear that the people whom I have helped were delighted to learn about the Buddha’s teachings and welcomed them with open arms. Everyone gathered all of their belongings together and we all traveled back to Pemako. I prayed and hope that the lama will agree to come visit our village.

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