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Call for Book Chapters: Anthology of Healthcare in Data Science

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of data science and its practical application to healthcare highlighted the importance of data collection when tracking hotspots and using existing data to aid with predicting future hotspots.

While RMDS Lab has endeavored to utilize existing data and research via educational opportunities, which can be found here, and its Covid-19 Risk Map, we also understand the social benefits of data science in the healthcare industry. In order to identify and explore data science and its various applications, RMDS Lab, in collaboration with Taylor & Francis Group, has initiated a call for book chapters to be included in an anthology for its Impactful Data Science series.


Dr. Alex Liu


The publisher and series editor seek authors to contribute chapters on topics, such as:

• Machine learning (medical imaging, robotics)

• Healthcare analytics

• Healthcare statistics

• Predictive analytics

• Medical image analysis

• Genomics

• Epidemiological modelling

Chapters should be:

At least 3,000 words

Not previously published

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we’re notified as soon as it’s accepted elsewhere.

Proposals should be sent to Erika at erika@rmdslab.com



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