Measuring Your Impact in the Data Science Community: How Impact Score Can Show Your Worth

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3 min readApr 20, 2021


Impact score is a system that measures a data scientist’s practical impact in their field. We believe that a data scientist’s value begins with tangible impact through successful implementations of end-to-end projects and quick transition-to-market. Calculated using public records and platform user data, the impact score demonstrates an individual’s power or capacity to effect positive change in their field.

Who will use impact score and how does it benefit you?

  • Technical recruiters — to source potential candidates on the platform and use the impact score for initial screening
  • Executives — to quantify their department performance and talent pool with the impact score
  • Researchers — to select a team of engineers and analysts with high impact score to support the implementation and commercialization of their research
  • Academic institutions — to bridge the gap between academia and application of industry knowledge by selecting professors who have high impact scores
  • Data scientists — to seek out peers and mentors with high impact score for project collaboration and review

How does the impact score break down?


What it is

Project Quality

Quality of a project at various stages in the process, including validity, reliability, and reproducibility.

Project Engagement

Extent that a project helps to generate insights in other institutions.​ Project Outcome measures the concrete changes that a project brings, like the revenue generated by the project​.

Project Outcome

Concrete changes that a project brings, like the revenue generated by the project​.

Perceived Capacity

Capacity (e.g., knowledge, skills, experience) of a user that serves as the foundation of their personal impact​.

Perceived Participation

Degree of user involvement and participation in online and offline activities​.

How do I improve my impact score?

Improving your score includes, but is not limited to:

  • Create projects, workflows, preprocessed datasets, and other field-relevant work
  • Take courses to improve both technical and industry knowledge
  • Become a speaker or instructor in your area of expertise
  • Get certified to delineate your experience and competency
  • Complete your user profile to provide information about your work experience and education
  • Gain followers, especially those with high impact
  • Participate in the forum and answer questions
  • Win data science competitions

Who is RMDS Lab?

In today’s landscape, our clients all have access to a vast volume of data and encounter difficulties in project success rates. RMDS Lab is a pioneer in developing data science ecosystems and in offering extensive project support for implementation and commercialization. With resources and tools in our robust scientific community, we have the capability to advance your project impact through data impact consultation and AI-powered services that evaluate your needs, develop and operationalize solutions, and maximize value-add for company goals.

RMDS Lab expands your company’s reach to find new technologies and resources with the goal of reshaping how commercial clients, researchers, and data scientists with industry experience work together to develop high-impact data science solutions.

We have a long-standing ecosystem of data scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts who are eager to be your trusted partner, enhance your research, increase the success rate of your work, and leverage the power of analytics. Each of our consultant teams has experience delivering and commercializing E2E data science solutions coupled with industry insight and business consulting expertise.