University Management in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Elisabeth Fröhlich, President, Cologne Business School

Presentation, November 10th, 2016

Elisabeth Fröhlich, the president of Cologne Business School, talked about the unjustifiedly poor reputation of business schools among entrepreneurs nowadays. Business schools (BS) play an important role for educating students in the area of market forces, people issues and leadership compliance. New teaching methods help to teach managers skills, which are not a natural given talent. In fact, a lack of managerial skills lead to management failures, which affects stakeholders in general (e.g. VW and Deutsche Bank).

Nevertheless, universities identified two areas in education: to prepare students to enter the profession but also to prepare them as human beings and citizens (Lacovou, 2016). The “House of Vision” is addressing both, necessary requirements in profession and teaching of social skills to students. In other words, the three pillars (Education, Innovation and Research) stabilize the vision and interact among each other (motivating, networking, communicating and internationalizing). The foundation, which is the responsibility, compliments the “House of Vision”.

Moreover, the impact of business schools on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an important fact, as the SDGs provide a framework for education methods. To highlight this, we could force a pyramid with the quality education at its peak. This is having a direct impact in corporate transaction and innovation, which will adopt environmental solutions and will lead to a holistic approach, which provides a better life for next generations.
With the SDGs and the “House of Vision” business schools have the possibility to sharpen the awareness of entrepreneurs and the managers of tomorrow.

Elisabeth Fröhlich

As President of the Cologne Business School Elisabeth Fröhlich is responsible for the strategic procurement management. She works in numerous scientific societies and associations, among others she is involved in the regional association of Cologne BME on the board and is chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Sustainable Management.