Census Demographic Data By Zip Code

Demographic data by ZIP code can be useful in getting a better understanding of your members and/or user base. Are your members from urban or rural areas? How much money do they likely make? How educated are they? Where do they fall as far as demographics go?

The most complete free-to-use data source we found was from the American Census Bureau. We’ve pulled, cleaned, consolidated, and reformatted their data around basic demographic information — such as age and gender — but also more detailed attributes like income, health insurance coverage, and gross rent. In total, there are more than 400 data points for each ZIP code that are available to use.

At a basic level, you can use this data to find the characteristics of different areas by zip code. For example, you can sort by median household income to identify affluent areas, or use the age related fields to identify areas with a larger elderly population.

Having all these demographics in one place makes it easy to slice your existing data by different dimensions.

Here are questions we’ve asked:

Are our mail order customers coming from urban or from rural settings?
Do our customers demographically stand apart from the majority population in their area?
Are different ad creatives/mediums spread across the country reaching different demographics of people?
How does the economic spread of our user base look like?
Can we predict usage pattern/frequency by demographic profile?

To download and learn how to use these files, visit our GitHub Repository.