Come Work for Ro’s Data Team

Sami Yabroudi
Nov 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Here’s our pitch

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Have we reached out to you for a Data position? Do you think that Ro could be the place for you?

We believe that Ro can offer you the following:

  • A mission you can get behind, backed by a solid track record of success
  • Rapid personal organizational growth
  • Rapid personal technical growth
  • A very functional and kind place to work
  • A full-stack data team that is setting industry standards

Ro is a direct to consumer telehealth company that launched two years ago with its first digital health clinic, Roman (maybe you’ve seen the ads?). Since then, we’ve added two more clinics, many more medical conditions, and some very effective team members. We are steadily tracking on our very ambitious goals for improving the patient experience — 2020 is set to be quite a year, with several major product launches that will increase the scope of our offerings and operations well beyond even what we’ve built so far.

Ro’s Data team spans the disciplines of Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering, and Data Science. We partner with all departments (exs: Clinical, FP&A, Engineering). BI services we provide range from self-serve tooling to leading multi-departmental deep dives for business critical issues. We own all of our infrastructure, which allows us to customize our top-tier tools and lead the industry in effectiveness — solutions detailed in our (young) blog are already ranking highly on Google. We are ramping up our ML offerings, with innovative infrastructure designed for rapid scaling.

Personal growth is a core part of the Ro and Ro Data experience. Every team member owns major company projects and team quarterly goals — this ownership promotes extremely fast personal organizational growth. Demand for data services at Ro is extremely high at every level — there is as much responsibility to take on as you are able, and you are your own growth limit. You are set up for success, and will find support from every corner/level of the org. This is a very focused startup, and every single thing that anyone works on is mission critical. Ro’s mission to reimagine healthcare is extremely ambitious but we are making steady progress towards that goal. Everyone on the team is extremely technical, and several days a quarter are dedicated to technical training bespoke to each individual. Todd Levy, former BuzzFeed CTO and cofounder of Bitly, joined Ro this summer as CTO.

For more about Ro, you can explore the company blog and media stories below:

Ro Data Team Blog

Ro Data Team Blog: data analytics, data engineering, data…

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