Gaming and eSports In 2016

This week we wanted to cover gaming and the developing e-sports market. I grew up playing video games, mostly on consoles, so this is a market that I personally have interest in.

As a kid, my friends and I stayed up all night playing Madden, Crash Bandicoot, Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, and more. As my generation grew up, the consoles became more powerful and consumers started expecting more. Graphics became better, gameplay became deeper, and storytelling became near Hollywood quality as the games grew more robust and complex. This transformation is easy to see by simply looking at the growth in the number of buttons on controllers over time.

As games have gotten more sophisticated, so has the controllers

The development of mobile gaming over recent years has been a huge shift for the industry. The money “free” games such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and Game of War make is astounding. Even more exciting is the next wave of gaming in VR. For the first time, gamers will actually be “inside” the game opening up all new possibilities.

The last trend I would like to point out is the rise of eSports. Organized multi-player competitions are emerging as a bona fide spectator sport and I would not be surprised if it becomes more mainstream in coming years. Yup, ESPN top 10 highlights including video game players is not too far off.

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