The San Diego StartUp Scene

This past week the San Diego Venture Group (SDVG) put on a great event. They brought in 41 VCs from Silicon Valley, 8 from LA and 7 here locally (including me). It was a great day filled with startup pitches and mingling with this group of investors, some of whom I already knew and some of whom I met for the first time, while watching the horse races at Del Mar.

In the two plus years I have been in San Diego the startup ecosystem has come a long way. Mike Krenn, who has taken over SDVG, has done a phenomenal job of building momentum in the community. The quantity and quality of companies is increasing thanks to his efforts, SDVG, and organizations like EvoNexus. Many experienced entrepreneurs are devoting more and more time to mentoring the younger ones.

While San Diego isn’t nearly as big as the Bay Area, or even LA, NY, or Boston, it does have some advantages. There is good engineering talent here that is affordable and it’s an amazing place to live. What used to be predominantly a life science and biotech town is far more balanced including some impressive cyber security and drone software companies in San Diego.

While I think San Diego still has a ways to go before it’s considered a major tech market, I am encouraged by what I am seeing.

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