PyeongChang Venue Travel: Everything you need to know about travel times to the venues — Ultimate Guide to PyeongChang 2018

When attending the Olympics, you never want to miss anything! And, believe it or not, even fans holding tickets for the best seats to the most historic events, make the mistake of not planning the “getting to the venue” time properly. Having been to several Olympic games, I have known fellow-fans plan every other detail of their trip perfectly but think they can “wing it” on getting to events on time. They can’t. And, with that I bring you TIP #1: Be precise and know how long it will take you to arrive and get to your seat while factoring in time-of-day traffic, weather conditions, parking and any other situation that could create a delay — and pad it by 30 minutes. Things you normally count on can be unpredictable at the Olympics.

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Gangneung Station: One of the main transportation hubs for PyeongChang 2018. Credit: Ken Hanscom

When I was there, I drove to every PyeongChang 2018 venue to clock the time and distance between them to have information for this fan guide. I was able to identify the various routes and how much faster it could be using the newly assigned “Olympic” lanes that will be in operation to prioritize Olympic public transportation. In addition, I stopped by all locations of the various Korea Rail (KTX) train stations and bus centers. But when I return in February, I will not be using a rental car to go between venues and I don’t recommend it for you either. Here’s why. The PyeongChang 2018 organizers have set up convenient park and ride centers at Korea Rail and bus transportation hubs. Plan to use them because driving yourself or even arranging for a private car could be slower and take longer not to mention potential traffic delays and time wasted circling for a parking space, if you can find one. Instead, catch a ride which brings us to TIP #2: There is no Uber or Lyft in PyeongChang. Find out if your hotel has shuttles and if not, take a taxi using the KakaoTaxi app to get one.

(update on 1/30: Uber is now reporting they service Gangneung and PyeongChang, driver availability is still unknown. This page will continue to be updated as details emerge.
The use of Korea Rail (KTX) high speed train and the Olympic bus system to get from the train stations to the venues will be the fastest way to get to the venues. I have prepared the time & distance estimations below with some padding (arrive 5 minutes before your train, 10 minutes to get your bus). Ultimately, they may vary based on weather, traffic and actual schedules but it is a smart way to plan your event time departures and arrivals.
Here is the list of approximate one-way travel times to the various PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Venues:

Update January 19, 2018: The full bus route maps and schedules have been published on the PyeongChang 2018 website and are avaialable in Korean English, French, Chinese, or Japanese version. Below is the link to help in your planning:

Korea Train KTX published times are:
Incheon to Jingbu (PyeongChang): 110 minutes
Seoul to Jingbu (PyeongChang): 80 minutes
Jingbu (PyeongChang) to Gangneung: 18 minutes

Traveling from Seoul Station (KTX + Bus):
Seoul to Phoenix Park: 1:45
Seoul to PyeongChang: 1:50
Seoul to YongPyong / Alpensia: 2:10
Seoul to Jeongseon: 2:20
Seoul to Gangneung Olympic Park: 2:00

Traveling from Incheon Station (Direct to Jinbu Station + Bus):
Incheon to Phoenix Park: 3:00
Incheon to PyeongChang: 2:20
Incheon to YongPyong / Alpensia: 2:30
Incheon to Jeongseon: 3:10
Incheon to Gangneung Olympic Park: 2:20

Traveling from PyeongChang (Bus or KTX + Bus):
PyeongChang to Jeongseon: 1:00
PyeongChang to Phoenix Park 0:45
PyeongChang to Gangneung Olympic Park: 1:00
PyeongChang to YongPyong / Alpensia: :10

Traveling from Gangneung (KTX + Bus):
Gangneung Olympic Park to Jeongseon: 1:20
Gangneung Olympic Park to Phoenix Park: :45
Gangneung Olympic Park to PyeongChang: :40
Gangneung Olympic Park to YongPyong/Alpensia: :50

Traveling from Jeongseon (Bus or Bus + KTX):
Jeongseon to Phoenix Park: 1:35
Jeongseon to YongPyong / Alpensia: :55
Jeongseon to PyeongChang: :45
Jeongseon to Gangneung Olympic Park: 1:10

Traveling from Phoenix Park (Bus or Bus + KTX):
Phoenix Park to Gangneung Olympic Park: :45
Phoenix Park to Jeongseon: 1:35
Phoenix Park to PyeongChang: 0:45
Phoenix Park to YongPyong/Alpensia: :55

Traveling from YongPyong/Alpensia (Bus or Bus + KTX):
YongPyong to Gangneung Olympic Park: :50
YongPyong to Jeongseon: 1:15
YongPyong to Phoenix Park: :55
YongPyeong to PyeongChang: :10

Traveling from Sokcho (popular hospitality location via Bus):
Sokcho to Gangneung: 1:15
Sokcho to Jeongseon: 2:40
Sokcho to Phoenix Park: 2:10
Sokcho to PyeongChang: 1:50
Sokcho to YongPyeong/Alpensia: 2:00

Note: These travel times are longer than times published by the PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee. There are 3 reasons for this: 1) Their times are very optimistic, 2) They only consider the time to drive by car to the city area and not to the park and ride locations or venues, 3) They make no accommodations for transfers or time spent waiting for buses or trains.

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