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Sep 10, 2019 · 6 min read

We know how much time and effort it might take to organize a journey. According to Expedia, it takes up to 38 website visits to plan one trip, and it’s not about road trips, which are much harder to arrange.

Our platform lets everybody find trip scenarios from travellers or travel experts in the public catalogue, customize and book everything with a single click or plan their own trips easily.

Our team of highly skilled tech experts and travel professionals aims to revolutionize road trips by connecting the trip planning ecosystem with in-car digital experiences, paving the road for autonomous travels of the future.

How it works:

Road Trips in Your Budget

  • Choose from the public catalogue of trips created by experts and other travellers. Carefully selected hotels, places and routes are included.
  • Trusted providers gathered together to offer trips as holistic experiences:,, Foursquare, Google Places, Wikipedia and 20 more services — on a single platform.
  • Live prices and direct bookings of travel services without leaving the website. Choose dates, explore the author’s itinerary or adjust it. Choose between different options of cars and hotels along the route.
  • Name your price and we will automatically personalize any trip to fit your budget if you need the lowest prices or more luxurious options.
  • When you are ready, book the whole trip with one button. Enjoy the simplicity of vacation packages with the flexibility of self-organized trips.

Why Book with Us

  • 24/7 Support

Book a trip and get instant help via chat during your journey. Our support team will be glad to help you with your itinerary and any questions you might have while travelling.

  • Professional Concierge

We will help you book restaurants from the itinerary. Book any trip with us and let us know in advance, which restaurants you want to have booked. We will confirm the reservations as soon as possible.

  • Bespoke Itineraries

Our team will design a trip for you for a fixed price per day. Send us a message via chat or via email with some details of your desired trip.

Your Travel Profile — Express your personality

Create your space in the worldwide community of travellers.

  • Save your favourites in one place

Never forget that fine dining restaurant and that magical night in a castle. Find and save cool trips, great hotels and wonderful places to visit. Save top picks for future travels and share your favourites with others.

  • Share your memories and experiences

Let the global community of travellers get inspired and follow your route. Publish your own trip scenarios so everyone could easily repeat your experience. Add a personal touch to the itinerary by writing your story.

  • Collect cars and other wheels you drive (in development)

Build your online garage of memorable rides in unforgettable sceneries. Enrich your traveller profile by adding the cars you own or those you have rented in your trips.

  • Show music you listen in trips (in development)

Amplify your travel experiences with your favourite mixes and playlists. Recommend music that you think is great to listen on a journey, while driving a scenic route or meditating on a mountain top.

  • Create your photos catalogue (in development)

Upload albums to save memories, share best shots from your travels. Complement your works with direct links to places where they are taken.

Plan Your Own Trips

  • Design Travel Plans in Your Style

Explore the map, save places you like, add to trip to create itineraries. Leave all the calculations to us. In a couple of clicks, add sights, museums, restaurants and other places one by one. Our system will suggest the time and duration automatically, taking the routes between places into account.

  • Our Robot will Help with Boring Bits

Let our smart assistant help you with your plan. Choose a desired category of places and you will get an automatically created itinerary for the whole day. Personalize it on the fly by adjusting the time or changing the places.

  • Worldwide Coverage is Guaranteed

No matter where you go. We will provide the best recommendations. Choose a map area or a city and we will show the top-rated places to visit and restaurants to eat at — even in the most secluded regions.

Our Wins

Our social trip planning and booking platform for road trips has already received positive feedback from automotive brands, airlines and other travel giants from all over the world.

We have won prizes in Porsche NEXT OI Competition, We Start-Up Contest from Volkswagen WE and Startup Challenge by S7 Airlines.

Future of Road Trips

To complete the experience, we are negotiating with automotive brands to create the ecosystem for travellers that would connect the online planning and booking platform with the infotainment systems of connected cars. Plan, book, send to the car and go on a journey — the car will know everything about it.

Together with WayRay we are building the first-ever AR symbiosis of navigation and travel planning platform to provide recommendations of places and experiences as you drive or let you follow a pre-planned itinerary. Drive out of highways to see the hidden gems or follow your planned itinerary — your own trip scenario.

In the not so distant future, autonomous cars will join the roads of the world. Just imagine — you arrive at an airport and rent a car or drive out of your home, your car knows everything about your journey. It is not just driving you along the way, but tells you stories, being your personal travel guide.

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Book Road Trips Personalized to Your Budget!


Book Road Trips Personalized to Your Budget! Vacation packages for road trips: rent cars, book hotels, find and plan journeys worldwide. Awarded by Porsche and Volkswagen.


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Road.Travel: Road Trips Made Easy


Book Road Trips Personalized to Your Budget! Vacation packages for road trips: rent cars, book hotels, find and plan journeys worldwide. Awarded by Porsche and Volkswagen.

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