Roam + iOffice: Making a digital workplace

Roam is partnering with iOffice to make a better work experience.

Roam has grown in an amazing workplace. Common Desk in Deep Ellum has been home to us for years. We have provided engaging interactive digital signage for them to more effectively communicate events, explore the surrounding area, and book conference rooms.

Common Desk, Deep Ellum

iOffice noticed our displays at Common Desk and wanted to see what we could do with their platform. We worked with them to create a solution for their User Conference in Houston in April 2017, and we turned out a great product integration. We combined iOffice’s Wayfinding, Room Booking, and Employee Directory modules on Roam’s platform with dynamic custom content and interactive layout in less than 2 weeks.

Video: iOFFICE’s Interactive Wayfinding Solution

We are now rolling out solutions for in-office signage to inetrgrate with iOffice modules and custom content creation through the Roam platform for a varity of uses. We offer integrated solutions for interactive directories and room booking, digital sigange to improved employee engagement, and door plates for conference room booking and information.

iOffice is growing as an ideal partner for Roam. Together we’re hoping to bring an added layer of technology seamlessly into office spaces.

Roam has been an interactive signage solution for commercial office buildings through lobby electronic directories, digital information boards, digital menus, and garage and tenant lounge displays, creating better communication and engagement with visitors and tenants. Now, we are moving into tenant offices with iOffice, transitioning into a complete property solution for all digital signage needs.

We are going to be with iOffice at the IFMA Conference in Houston October 18–20. Come see us there.