From India with Love

My travels are many. I will probably circle around the globe 3 or 4 times a year. I still very much enjoy it; whether it is meeting new people or catching up with people you met some time ago, most of these encounters are intense. They have often prepared well to meet you and you have to give your absolute best every time again. It is exciting every time. I have some favorite places to travel to, but in general I am happy to go just anywhere. With one exception: India.

I love India. The moment you step out of the airplane you already notice how different this place is: the heat, the noise, the dirt, the colors, the smells, it is all to the extreme. And there are a lot of people, really a lot of people. I love India because it teaches me to be patient, to be flexible, to be very respectful, to be inviting, to have an open mind and to practice my sense of humor. But most importantly it teaches me to smile a lot. Even when it is not going at all as planned, the best currency to exchange in India is your smile. You will be amazed what mountains you can move if you truly smile from your heart.

That is why I love traveling to India, and each year I look forward to that moment when I get out of the plane and that cacophony hits me and I automatically start smiling…

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