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Kinetic Typography: Ideation

P1 Audio Selections

My Choice: 1:33–2:03

2nd: 00:00–00:45

3rd: 00:24–00:58

P1 Process


Type Exploration/Moodboard:

P1 Script:

P1 Test Stills:

P1: Storyboard:

16 frame updated storyboard

P1: Animation Test:

(above) 2 sec animation testing colors, timing, and animation techniques.

15 Second Animation:

32 Second TEST Animation:

Final Kinetic Type Project:

The Audio in this clip is from a sketch in the animated adult sketch comedy show, Robot Chicken. The narrative is that this scene takes hundreds of place years before the opening events of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The scene is set in the times of the ancient Mayans, where a temple owner is having a discussion with the foreman about renovations to his temple to ensure that his prized golden idol is not stolen. The two banter back and forth about what traps are the best to safeguard his prized possession all while making a few references to the Indiana Jones franchise.

I wanted the type to somewhat reflect the environment, characters, and the time that they were in. The temple owner has a lot of body paint and I wanted to portray that in his typography, so I used a similar blue to his tattoos. The blue compliments the foreman’s yellow, which refers to his business and the construction hat he wears throughout the scene. Large display type (Wak) bears a heaviness to it to relate with the primitive rock formations around them. The temple owners type feels primitive with misshapen slab serifs of Inika and the construction worker in a way felt like a relatively out-of-place reference to modern construction and I wanted him to reflect it with a more modern geometric Gill-sans to contrast. The overall conversation they are having is very energetic and I wanted to capture that energy and emphasize that banter between the two characters. The animations are to better reflect the actions being explained by the two protagonists and emphasize spatially how some things are laid out.



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