Unicef Statement About the Chemical Attack in Syria

On 6th of April, UNICEF released a statement about the child victims of the chemical attack in Syria.

According to the release, at least 27 children were killed in the attack in Idlib, northwest of Syria. A further 546 people, among them many children, have been injured. Casualty numbers are expected to rise.

This was the latest attack in Syria in 6 years. Parents, children, young and old people have to risk their lives to eat, work, sleep. Running away is also extremely challenging, not to mention the “civilized” European cities that openly state they don’t want any refugees in their homeland.

“The killing of children in Syria cannot be allowed to continue, all parties to the conflict and those with influence on them must immediately put an end to this horror.” -Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director
“If confirmed, these attacks must do more than provoke our outrage; they must compel action by those with the power and the ability to bring an end to this devastating violence.” -Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

Until further notice, UNICEF and partners continue to respond to the attack by supporting three mobile clinics, four hospitals to do first aid and apply treatments and nine ambulances to refer and transport patients to hospitals in the area.

UNICEF also is delivering critical medical supplies and working with health partners to raise awareness about medical response to chemical attacks.

-Zeynep Sude Cilli