Robert Ebert : The Role of Nanobots in Our Future Lives

Technology is a subject that will always be of importance to the public.

Robert Ebert is dedicated to understanding how the role of technology will affect human life. Nanobots are becoming a topic of interest in the world of technology because of their ability to assist humans in their everyday lives, cure diseases, and accomplish what humans are physically unable to. Regardless of how well nanobots can improve the quality of human life, Robert Ebert understands that these technological creatures could be as dangerous as they are helpful.

Born in the United Kingdom, Robert Ebert is a technology investor with 30 years of experience in the finance industry. He has worked in several major Investment Banks and has travelled the world. Mr. Ebert wants to continue to understand the impact technology will have on various industries including finance and health. Regardless of the extensive knowledge and research conducted by medical professionals, technology will play a vital part in saving lives. It seems as though nanobots will play a pivotal role in helping this become more of a reality.

Robert Ebert : The Capability of Nanobots

Nanobots are being put through various forms of testing and their potential is looking quite astounding. They are small creations that would need to be in the thousands to measure the width of a human hair. Researchers hope that nanobots , injected into patients ,will be able to destroy cancer cells before they spread around the body, for example. Furthermore, the potential of nanobots extends to repairing damaged tissue and monitoring general health. Nanotechnology is also being used by the oil and gas industries to help find and monitor spills and leaks. The advantages of nanobots are clear and with the right direction, they can improve the lives of millions.

The risks and dangers of nanobots

There have been several generations in technology. The birth of smartphones was revolutionary because it introduced functions that improved user experience. In this same manner, nanoboy technology will be revolutionary because of its rapid problem solving ability. However, the capability of nanotechnology may be more powerful than most believe. Experts fear that nanobots possess the ability to self-replicate. Furthermore, some fear that nanobots may develop their own thinking. Something akin to Judgement Day In the film Terminator.

Ten small nanobots that are barely visible to the human eye, some fear, could perhaps rapidly develop into billions, and become a danger to the public.

In addition, nanobots stand the chance of malfunctioning just like any other technological product. Humans will have to consider if they want to risk nanotechnology handling their health conditions, rather than a medical professional. Issues such as these must be thoroughly considered during the creation of nanobots.

Although there are many risks concerning nanobots, there are a number of things they can help the world with. Artificial intelligence is showing itself to be an integral part of decision making. and in conjunction with Nanobots, can help advance it, and improve the quality of life. Robert Ebert will continue to cautiously support nanotechnology, and understand just how helpful it will be in our future lives.