Robert Ebert : The Role of Technology in Modern Finance

The world of modern finance is transitioning from its original model of traditional banking over to automated technology that thinks and works for us.

Robert Ebert is the former head of APAC Equities at a major Global investment Bank and a passionate technology investor. With 30 years of experience in the finance industry, Mr. Ebert pays a lot of attention to how modern finance is being shaped by technology, along with how it affects all of us.

Robert Ebert was born in England to working class parents. After having to abandon a degree in microbiology, to focus on contributing to the family he found employment with a Japanese Bank. Ebert subsequently worked for major Investment Banks in Germany and Wall Street. In many senior positions across four major cities. After travelling the world and garnering much success in the finance industry, he is pursuing his passion as a technology investor and studying how the pace of change is affecting how we live.

Robert Ebert on examples of finance technology

For a very long time men and women have used financial advisors to help them plan for their future , their kids education needs, their housing and their retirement . It has always been that when one needed to plan for one’s financial future , one turned to a trained professional who understood your needs and your goals. However , now we are seeing the emergence of the robo-advisor. These are online services that use algorithms to provide advice and help manage people’s investment portfolios. Obviously , all at a fraction of the cost of the human advisor.

Robert Ebert believes this is merely the beginning of significant disruption caused by technology that will be seen across high street and Investment Banking .

The advantage of online banking

Online banking is a service that has emerged smoothly because of its convenience for clients. The traditional days of walking into a bank and speaking with a banking professional are fading away. In the present, all clients need are their card numbers and passwords to log online and handle their banking inquiries. Better yet, banks are now using mobile applications that give clients most of the privileges of physical banking. We are now able to scan our cheques , for example, rather than wait in a queue to speak with a teller. The advancement of technology in finance will make clients happier by saving them time and money.

A key factor in the emergence of technology in modern finance is data collection. Artificial intelligence is becoming a staple in technology because of its ability to make accurate suggestions. An example would be RBC’s NOMI Insights function on its mobile application. The digital service gives RBC clients detailed financial knowledge of how they spend and manage their money. The service offers suggestions on how to manage finances based on the clients spending habits. A service powered by artificial intelligence such as this will be of great use to clients, and possesses skills similar to that of a financial advisor. This is a version of the robo-advisor that Rob Ebert mentioned previously.

The trends of technology are bringing about much change in modern finance. Robert Ebert’s expert knowledge in finance will allow him to understand and predict the type of impact these trends will have on clients in the future.