Robert Ebert : Why Diversity in the Workplace Leads to Better Decision-Making

Diversity in the workplace has become essential for a large majority of industries.

Robert Ebert believes that a team consisting of people of different ages, sexual orientation, culture , religions , gender and socioeconomic backgrounds, make more informed and more robust decisions.

Robert Ebert has spent 30 years working in the finance industry, and has been headhunted by major Investment banks around the world. He has travelled extensively and has a unique perspective about several issues. One of them being why diversity in the workplace will result in better choices being made,

The thought bubble around diversity

There are a lot of different perspectives that surround diversity. It is clear that often senior executives at even the largest organisations see diverse hiring as merely a box ticking exercise , done only to placate shareholders. They would rather hire people just like themselves . After all, being them got them to the top . What could be wrong with that ? These thoughts have no place in the world of modern business. There are vast rewards that can be reaped from the construction of teams of varied individuals.

In the past, there have been cases concerning exclusion of ethnic minorities in the workplace. News media is still investigating the hiring practices of certain companies to expose ethnic discrimination. One example is an issue involving tech startups in Silicon Valley not hiring many black employees. Maxine Waters, Democratic Representative from southern Los Angeles was the leader that exposed this issue after visiting the region. The morality of companies is a complex issue that can be blinded by public relations. It can be hard to find out why companies lack in hiring employees of certain ethnic backgrounds. Regardless, companies that practice diversity in all areas of their business can benefit greatly from different ideas, strategies and predictions in trends.

Robert Ebert’s opinions on workplace diversity

Every employee plays a vital role in the company they work for. Regardless of what their position is they are working towards specific goals of the company. Diversity amongst a company’s employees can encourage better decision making amongst themselves to achieve these company goals.

Supervisors are likely to show less bias and be more measured when they are working with employees from different backgrounds. All companies aspire to grow, and they must keep an eye on industry trends. Whether it involves marketing to their demographic or expanding their target market, diversity in the workplace can draw out insightful information needed for company growth.

Furthermore, diversity in the workplace is an issue that the masses are becoming more aware of. News media has been diligent in exposing companies and their work cultures. Companies that are involved in issues concerning discrimination risk developing bad reputations amongst the public. This could affect the company as a whole, as well as the way their target market sees them. Diversity across a company’s structure and hierarchy , more importantly though, allows the company to better understand its client base. After all, it is equally , if not more diverse.

Robert Ebert is a professional who understands the importance and benefits of diversity in the workplace. It isn’t about inclusion for inclusions sake and just doing the right thing, but about better predicting and preparing for the future of business. Diversity will encourage employees to think outside of their comfort zones and help everyone gain an education from those around them . It will also encourage leaders to value the importance of their employees’ opinions. In return, employees will work more efficiently knowing that their voices are being heard and respected.