Robert Ebert : Why Medicine Should be About Prevention Rather Than Curing

Medicine plays a critical role in helping immune systems fight off and cure diseases.

However, Robert Ebert pays more attention to how medical advances are primed to prevent diseases rather than curing them.

Robert Ebert is a finance and technology investor with over 30 years of experience in investment banking. He has been hired by major Investment Banks and has worked and travelled around the world. He now dedicates his time to understanding technology and the impact it will have in the future, along with other complex worldly issues.

Preventative medication vs. regular medicine

The consumption of prescribed medicine is not unfamiliar to most people. Whether an illness was contracted or experienced since birth, medicine is an important component that helps keep symptoms to a minimum and sometimes can be the factor of life or death. Preventative medication is also known as prophylactic medicine and consists of measures taken for disease prevention rather than disease treatment. However , with advances in our understanding of the human genome, preventative medicine will become powered by genetic engineering.

Patients that seek medicine to cure a health condition will face challenges if the medicine they take does not cure them. For example, an individual who needs to treat a cancer may have been prescribed medication that was said to help or cure them after a certain amount of doses. The effect of medication normally varies on the individual’s health status. However, this individual stands the chance of seeking different medication because this particular one didn’t work for them. Side effects and more severe health conditions can develop as a result of continuously taking different types of medication.

Why don’t we try to stop the suffering before it even begins?

Positives of relieving symptoms according to Robert Ebert

Curing a health condition can be a very complex issue. Although some people are cured by taking medicine, this isn’t the case for all. It can be safer to focus on preventative medicine and seek to halt disease before it starts rather than seeking cures.

Robert Ebert feels strongly that understanding our genes reaction to external stimuli will help us avoid pollutants that create genetic mutation which causes illness. The advantages prevention has over treating symptoms once a person is sick is clear.

At the turn of the Century about half of all deaths in the USA were caused by preventable exposures or behaviours. Robert Ebert is passionate about helping doctors and scientists give the World the ability to understand how each and every one of us and our unique genetic code reacts to the environment around us. He wants to stop unnecessary suffering and see science stop wholly preventable loss of life.