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New Music Monday 3/16/20: It’s Fast, I’m Calm

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The happenings around COVID-19 have increased my desire to eavesdrop on social media and take part in the drama. But then I catch myself. I close my laptop, put down my smartphone, and take a deep breath. In the immediate present, everything is open. I can choose to be calm. I realize this and play “Mama Teaches Sanskrit” then “4T Recordings” by Four Tet as the background to my life.

And when the new track “The Motor” by The Wants comes on and startles me I am tempted again to return to the drama. My heart beats faster, closer to the speed of panic. But like The Wants, “when my heart beats fast as the motor, I am calm.” And I remember that everything is open, for me to make of it as I wish. So I choose something good, like “Best of Times” by Enviado Vida.

Four Tet — Mama Teaches Sanskrit

Genre: Electronic | Vibe: Motherly Love

This is helping me to return to something pure, like the love of a mother and her teaching a daughter or son about something beautiful.

Four Tet — 4T Recordings

Genre: Electronic | Vibe: Birdsong Beauty

With this, I return from fear, back into the potential beauty of the world.

The Wants — The Motor

Genre: Art Pop | Vibe: Being Chased

When the drama around COVID-19 and other trendy things in life beat as fast as the motor, this reminds me that calmness is possible.

Enviado Vida — Best of Times

Genre: Melodic House | Vibe: Drunk Set Romance

The best of times can be only a play button away, even in difficult times.

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Originally published at on March 18, 2020.



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