Social links I thought were interesting

Hi all, I am trying to write a bit more and make it a habit. I thought I’d start easy with something I already do — a list of social links I found interesting over the last week with a little commentary of my own.

So here goes, some of these are a bit older because I was away for two weeks so do forgive me. Without further ado:

  • YouTube is seeing a slowdown, of sorts as companies see better content discovery on Facebook and Snapchat > > But with any slowdown, comes opportunity. YouTube is still the second biggest search engine after it’s parent, Google.
  • Europe, it’s the topic of 2016. Everyone loves a bit of Europe. Here are some big trends on social content across Europe > > Mobile video, exclusive first looks, branded series and influencer marketing are the key take outs, it’s like 2009 all over again, ahh 2009 glory days.
  • Facebook Live is what Facebook want us all to use but it’s constantly changing, here are some new features >
  • Influencers, biggest racket in social going right now, Twitter have signed up 17 top food influencers to post exclusive content on Twitter (instead of Instagram, the true home of #foodporn)
  • On Twitter, it has had a less than good set of financials, can Google just buy it already and make it a non-profit and be done with it please? >
  • On Twitter again, they continue to invest in sports highlights, this time with Sky Sports — it will show exclusive PL highlights in real time ish:
  • FIFA 17 announced the new cover on Snapchat: > The Snapchat hype is real, I believe.
  • Nice House of Cards reactive content, taking CNN’s video and copying it but with a House of Cards slant:

Oh and finally, is it too soon? Some excellent cosplay here on Game of Thrones at comic-con (I think?). See you same time, same place, next week.

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