Do you want to know me? Fine, my turn

Roberto Sorrentino
Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

A decisive step in my personal and professional growth is to have understood in which environment I wish to work.
Professional satisfaction can come from different fronts and not disdain career developments or salary increases. Something that makes a difference in my case is working for someone that is in tune with my values.

A picture of myself super relaxed and with my preferred shirt while looking at infinity.
Myself while I look satisfied at the next project that awaits me

The business environment for me is one where diversity is not only accepted but sought after.

Where people can freely express themselves for what they are and must not feel the need to hide themselves to avoid the judgment of others. I say this precisely as part of that society (white, male and heterosexual) that has typically marginalized everything is different. I know that an environment that rewards diversity, is more ready for changes and challenges outside the norm: in the end, it is more resilient. I should add that is right too and justice is another of the values ​​I believe in.

A second question is related to design. There are companies for which design is just another menu item among the services they offer on their website, necessary in terms of how much revenue they can generate from it.

Here the customer is at the center of their strategy: an aspect that is essential for me. The first and second questions are intertwined: good design is inclusive.

I have chosen to be laser-focused on design and to evaluate with great attention the values of a potential company to join. That has a direct consequence in which job posts gain my attention and the few of them that I apply.

Now, it’s on you. Write me to robsorre AT gmail DOT com or reach me on Linkedin.

Roberto Sorrentino, Ux Designer

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