Multifactor Authentication on Django Rest

At Robinhood, security is a central focus in everything we build. We are always adding new layers of security to protect our customers’ accounts and information. Today, we added support for two-factor authentication on our platform and open sourced our solution for the Django Rest Framework with Deux.

Deux is a two-factor authentication package for the Django Rest Framework. The package takes just a few minutes to integrate and is fully customizable.

Authentication Factors

Two-factor authentication can be offered through many different methods such as text message, Google Authenticator, and email. Currently, the package only supports text message, but it is simple to extend. If you want to use something different, you can easily build it and add it to Deux.

Authentication Protocols

Django Rest Framework supports many authentication protocols so we wanted Deux to integrate with as many protocols as possible. Currently, the package supports authtoken as well as oauth2 and is simple to build support for new protocols.

Explore More

The Deux library is now available on Github. Share your thoughts on how we can improve it and let us know if there are any other use cases we should support!

Oh, and we are hiring!