Developer Spotlight: DavidArtz and GabrielCidade

Today we are happy to share with you the chat we had with two Brazilian developers called DavidArtz and gabrielcidade. They are responsible for creating one of the most popular Brazilian games on Roblox, Paper Ball Simulator. Created less than 2 months ago, the game is on the Popular tab of Roblox and has had more than 4 million visitors. They both shared with us the creative process of the game and the strategies they used to popularize it and their plans for the future.

“I’m 17 and I’ve known Roblox for a while. I really enjoyed playing Murder Mystery and Zombie Rush. By the time I started playing, I soon wanted to create a game but I did not have had the skills to do it. I started doing thumbnails for other developers and I was learning to develop by myself gradually. I learned everything by myself, from building to creating arts. When I met Gabriel, we decided to work together on this project.”

“I’m 16 and I met Roblox 3 years ago in 2013, watching a Youtube channel called Cazum8. At that time I loved playing the famous obbys and tycoons and I started to get interested in development because of some games like Lumber Tycoon 2. My initial impulse was to create my own tycoons. My focus on game development is programming and I learned how to program watching videos on youtube about LUA. I started by practicing and studying pre-made things to understand how they worked.”

“Roblox has had a huge impact on my life because it helped me through difficult times. When I was sad, I played something and forgot about my problems. Roblox also had an impact on my life in the sense that I saw it as an opportunity to work on what I like and intend to make it a way to make a living in the future. I also made a lot of friends here and I met several people like HeadlessHorror, Avectus, ValueKing and several others.”

“Roblox has had a huge impact on my life. On the personal side it ended up helping me to become less shy. I made several friends who help me make games until today as well as some professional contacts that also helps me a lot nowadays! I wanted to start developing games on Roblox because of the simplicity. For someone who did not know anything about development or programming it was extremely easy to do things simpler at first and gradually develop more difficult things over time.”

“The creative process was difficult in some parts. Some systems in our game were inspired by systems from other games, but we do not inspired ourselves in a single game. The best part during the creative process was to finish the first version of the game and see that everything was working the way it should. The most challenging part was probably polishing the game and leaving it without big bugs.Sometimes we thought about giving up, but what made us forget those thoughts was that we believed in the game and that we should end it.”

“In my point of view the process was not very complex. We did several tests and the game underwent several changes. The idea of the game came when I was throwing small balls in my trash can after several frustrating ideas. The most challenging part was the map because we did not know which style to follow. We did not thought about giving up definitively but sometimes we were wondering if all our effort and all the time of work that we spent would be worth and if we would have a recognition for that. What kept us going was the support of people who believed in us.”

: “I used a lot of Studio features.. Union, part, mesh, texture … I also used some extra features like the discord group to get help for ideas, I used c4d to model some things and f3x”.

“I used DevForum a lot to help me with some questions I had. I think it’s cool to mention that, despite speaking Portuguese, I used the Studio’s translation tool. I did not use it much, but I translated a good part of the game to pt-br using it”.

“I met Gabriel by a mutual friend while I was looking for work. I really like working as a team and working with Gabriel has been great! He always finds a way to help me when I can not or I’m not well.”

“David was looking for a programmer for another game he was thinking of creating and eventually found me. Teamwork has been great as it takes a lot of weight off our backs. Each member can do their part, which makes the work faster and more optimized. We always had in mind that our game idea could work, but I did not think it would work as well as it did. Even working together, it took us a few months to finish the first version of the game and make it very polished.”

“I was very surprised. I’m glad that our effort paid off, as we spent nights and days working and testing. The reception is good and we are confident and looking forward to what is to come. The Brazilian community has been helping us a lot, playing our game, giving ideas and motivating us.”

“I was very surprised by the success of the game. It grew up in a way I can not describe. The reception has been great and the public has given us several feedbacks on how to improve the game. Roblox’s Brazilian community is great, especially developers, and it has given us a lot of support.”

“The reason the game got popular is something I can not explain to this day, but it was probably because of the publicity we made. The most popular promotion strategy was the Youtubers and I believe it is thanks to them that the game has become so popular! We’re happy to know that we’re pioneering something like that and it’s just incredible.”

“I think a lot of the popularity may be related to the Youtubers who recorded it. Our initial strategy was Youtubers, the use of Codes and also Sponsors. However, we only use Youtubers and Codes and it worked! I am very happy that our nights and days of work are being rewarded.”

“My plans are to continue learning and keep on improving. My plan for Paper Ball Simulator is to continue perfecting the game and bringing new content to it. I intend to launch new games and I already have the idea of a new one, but it still has not gone out of paper due to lack of time, but it will be released!”

“We are at the beginning of Paper Ball Simulator, so we have not started working on any other games yet. My dream is to see Paper Ball reach 25k of players at the same time and my plans for the future is to make Roblox a living.”

“Never give up! Always focus on your work and never compare yourself to others. Learn from your mistakes and try to look for motivation. Always look for new ideas and be innovative. For those who want to start creating art, my suggestion is to be inspired and try to learn as much as possible in each area, such as drawing, modeling, rendering, creating light and creating textures. For those who want to build I suggest that you also try studying, seeing maps and drawing. To create something you will have to think and study a lot and do several tests. It’s important to remember that you’re going to make a lot of mistakes so you can get it right!”

“It’s the same as always, do not give up and finalize your games. Several promising games have been canceled and nowadays are abandoned. Focus on a game and do not give up on it, it can turn out to be a great new game!”

DavidArtz and GabrielCidade

Many thanks to David and Gabriel for sharing their experiences with us and their passion for Roblox. If you want to know more about them, you can follow them on twitter: @DavidArtzRBLX and @PinguRBLX. Don’t forget to check out Paper Ball Simulator!

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