Today, we are taking a look at our first German developer — Flubberlutsch! You may have heard of him already: he’s one of the most successful German developers on Roblox, with his game Mocap Dancing having received more than 52 million total visits.

Hello Flubberlutsch, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! First up: When did you discover Roblox, and how did you start developing?

I discovered Roblox in 2016 through a video on YouTube. I had just played it normally at first, not realizing what development opportunities there are.

I’ve always been a tinkerer and love to formulate things in my head and create them. My curiosity and the urge to bring my ideas to life finally got to me when I discovered Roblox Studio.

What games have you released so far? Have you started any projects without finishing them?

I’ve released Mocap Dancing and Micro Games, as well as some smaller ‘experiments’ that can’t really be considered games. There are some unfinished projects, although these were never intended to be finished/released in the first place. I’d say that most of my games are based on such experimental games, including Mocap Dancing and Micro Games.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve been busy with University these last couple of months, though I am planning to work on some updates to Mocap Dancing soon, as well as maybe even designing a new game. I have a few concepts, though these still have to be refined a bit further.

What recommendations do you have for new developers?

Practice makes perfect, regardless of whether it’s learning the piano or developing games. Roblox Studio is — even if it seems difficult at first — incredibly easy to use and allows absolutely everyone to bring their ideas to life! The instructions and knowledge bases on the Roblox DevHub are a huge help.

We give our thanks to Flubberlutsch for taking the time to answer our questions! We intently await his future creations. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Roblox Developer

Highlighting and educating developers and creators on Roblox

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