Developer Spotlight: vCaffy

This week’s Spotlight showcases vCaffy, the creator of Dungeon Quest. Dungeon Quest became an overnight success some months ago and has been played over 350 million times since! If you’ve been wondering who vCaffy is and how he went about making Dungeon Quest, then you’ve come to the right place.

How long have you been on Roblox?

I started playing Roblox in early 2008 with my brother jCaffie.

What inspired you to start developing on the platform?

When I first got into Roblox and found out that anyone can make a game, I was super interested and started experimenting and seeing what I could create. I remember in the early days when I was 12 years old I created a “Build a sled and slide it down a hill” game. Seeing people play my game was an amazing experience and sparked my desire to create more. Eventually I enrolled in college as a Computer Science major which taught me how to script more complex games.

Dungeon Quest exploded into popularity and has been one of the top games since. How was that experience for you?

I remember my Discord had 100 people in it and we were doing a small test run of about 10–15 people. That night I went to bed expecting everyone to be done playing it by the morning, but when I woke up there was over 300+ people on! Next thing you know, a couple hours later there was over 10,000 people playing the game! It was a very stressful and exciting time from dealing with bugs, to getting new content out, and managing the discord. I’ve learned an incredible amount and made many friends throughout this whole process.

What was the creative process behind Dungeon Quest?

I grew up playing games of all genres my entire life. I always wanted to make a game that would create positive memories for people just like the games I played in past had done for me. When I started creating Dungeon Quest, I went in with the mindset that if I created a game that I would enjoy playing, hopefully other people would share the same experience. This helped a lot in making game design related decisions.

Exactly how many items does Dungeon Quest have?

Dungeon Quest has over 350+ unique items which include weapons, armor, and abilities.

Anything special planned for Dungeon Quest that you’d like to share?

The plan is to release a new Player vs. Player mode and Raids all while releasing new dungeons consistently.

Are you planning on going to RDC this year?

Yes! This will be my first year going to RDC and I am extremely excited! I can’t wait to meet the other developers in the community and create new friendships!

Do you have any advice for other developers?

Try not to start with a game that is too large in scope and complexity. The first games you make should be seen as tools you can use to build the skill set required to make your dream game. Make sure you finish your games! You learn so much by going through the process of creating a fully functional game, from development phases to post launch bug fixes.

Haven’t played Dungeon Quest? Make sure to check it out! It’s a great game to play with friends as you delve into dungeons with dangerous enemies and lots of loot. To keep up with the game and vCaffy, make sure to follow him on Twitter and join the game’s Discord server.