“From the Devs”: Attracting Players to Your Game, by CollegiateJokes

Attracting players to a new game can be a hard thing to accomplish. It can be a hard thing to do if you are just starting to develop games. I will touch up on a few things to help you achieve your goal of getting players to your new game.

Game Content

There are so many games that are similar to each other on the ROBLOX platform. If you want players to play your game, it needs to be unique. Players don’t want a game that’s like another game. As you are developing your game, you have to ask yourself this, “what does my game has to offer that other games don’t have?”, and if you can’t think of another way of changing how your content looks, then ask yourself, “how can I execute this better than them?”. Uniqueness is key to attracting players to your new game, because it shows that there’s something different and they won’t expect the same thing from every game. It doesn’t have to be a competition with another game, but those are things you need to think about if you want players to continue to play your game.


The most important thing to attract players to your game would be advertising. Advertising can be so many things, like making banners for the ROBLOX website, uploading trailers to YouTube, and/or posting small snippets of your game on social media. With advertisements, you can get players ready for the release of your game and they will continue to draw their family and friends in if the game looks very interesting. If you plan on advertising on the roblox website, you should put a lot of robux towards the advertisements so that more people around the world would see them more often. Using YouTube is also a good way to upload your videos and show information on your game so that players can see it in action. And lastly, any developer should have a Twitter account to get their content out to the open. Roblox Developers have a special hashtag to help them, which is #RobloxDev. This hashtag allows players to see posts from any developer that uses it and players can follow you so that they can stay updated with you and your game.

So with great content and advertising, if it’s executed perfectly, you will see players rolling in sooner than expected. Once you have your nice fanbase, do what you need to do to keep your fame growing and you will see yourself amongst the other famous games in no time!

Thanks to CollegiateJokes for his insight! To follow updates to his latest game, RB World 3, follow CollegiateJokes on Twitter or Roblox!