From the Devs: Localizing Stylz

Fish Simulator by Shark Fin Studios

Welcome to the next installment of our “From the Devs” series! You all are in for a treat as this is our first foray in video format. This grand accomplishment was achieved by pairing several sequential images and overlaying an audio recording to create what we call, “Moving Object Visual Interstitial Experience,” or “M.O.V.I.E” for short. But enough about the great leaps we constantly make in entertainment, let’s get to the awesome content!
In today’s video, RickyTheFishy shares his experience localizing his games, Fish Simulator and Stylz Makeover. Join us on Ricky’s endeavor to make his games top quality experiences that users around the world can enjoy. This includes advice and tips for developers looking to localize their content for an international audience.

For anyone who is interested in localizing your game, we suggest you check out our resources on the subject here:

You can find a list of translators for your game at
And for anyone interested in our “M.O.V.I.E” technology, we have been informed that this has been a common medium of entertainment for…almost a hundred years. Same name and everything too. Whelp, “best laid plans,” as they say!


Check out RickyTheFishy’s games on Roblox!
Stylz Makeover 
Fish Simulator

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