“From the Devs”: Roblox: A Life Changing Experience, by Supersnel11

Supersnel11's first version of the harbor showcase

What’s the last activity that you dedicated more than 5 years to? Was it seasonal (i.e. skiing in the winter, surfing in the summer)? Is there any activity that you could envision yourself practicing, performing, and mastering daily for 10 years of your life?

There are many developers on Roblox that have committed nearly 10 years to learning game development and building their own games. There are developers who have been on Roblox since its inception and who are still shipping games, there are developers who joined in the last few years and have made it big with their first game, and there are developers everywhere in between.

This is the story of one of those developers. Supersnel11 joined Roblox nearly 7 years ago and has been refining his skills ever since. Here, he shares with us his journey on Roblox spanning nearly a decade.

My name is Robin, and on the Roblox platform, I’m known as Supersnel11. I’ve been given the opportunity to talk about my Roblox journey, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

I discovered Roblox in autumn 2012. While visiting a friend, he booted up his father’s computer, showed me his Roblox account and I was immediately drawn in. I played a couple of games over the course of a few weeks and decided to make my own account (which I still use today).

I didn’t develop at all for the first couple of years. Instead, I spent my time playing games like Natural Disaster Survival, Daxter33’s “Paintball!” and different obstacle courses. I first noticed the little blue Roblox Studio icon on my laptop in 2014. I was curious about what it contained, so I decided to open it. I loved the concept, and started making my first models. Because I have been interested in trains ever since I was young, the first model I built in Roblox Studio was a train. This is how my Roblox Studio adventure began.

In 2015 I started working on my first showcase. I have always been inspired by harbours since I visited the harbour in Rotterdam frequently. This inspired me to make a Roblox version of the harbour. Roblox groups like Elite Builders of Robloxia (EBR) encouraged me to start building more detailed places. My building skills were not very good at that point. That meant that almost the entire game was made using free models and I only placed the assets down without making any of them myself.

Showcase: Graanhaven, Rotterdam

That doesn’t mean I was not proud of what I had made — I was extremely happy with the result, and I showed the map to all my friends. Making maps like these only made me want to grow further, and my friends encouraged me to do so. After a while, my attention was driven to other projects, which is what happened to most of the games I’ve attempted to make. This made me forget about this old harbour project until recently.

My building skills slowly improved over the years, and in 2016, I achieved one of my personal goals: make a train for Terminal Railways, the leading train game at that point. This was the start of my career on the Roblox platform, and in 2017 I built more trains, and eventually became “Lead Train Setup”. This meant I had to install all scripts and other necessary components in submitted trains to make them usable in-game. A couple of weeks later, I became “Place Developer” for the game, and I have kept this position ever since. Working together with the team behind this game has always been and continues to be a pleasure, and it has definitely helped me grow. I have learned a lot about working together with different people — a valuable skill both online and in real life.

In mid-2018 I started working on my third showcase. I tried to think of a good theme and having recently made a ship for Dynamic Ship Simulator III, I had an idea: I was going to build a harbour. At this point I had completely forgotten about the first showcase I had made in 2015. It originally served as a place to show a couple of models I made, but I liked the idea and throughout 2018 I slowly expanded and improved my harbour showcase. I consider this my highlight, and comparing this to my early work really makes me proud of my growth over the past years.

Showcase: Graanhaven, Rotterdam

Over the past 4 years of developing, I’ve started many projects: dozens of those were train themed games I did not finish. However, in early 2018 I finally started on a game that I am still working on called Streamlined. Together with other developers and contributors, I have created a fictional map of the Netherlands taking place in the 50’s and 60’s. A huge list of locomotives and wagons are being made to make the game as complete and immersive as possible. The game has been my main focus for the past year and it has been a very different and exciting experience for me. I have learned skills related to team management, but that’s not all! I have experimented with 3D-modelling in Blender, looping sounds in Audacity, and creating decals in Paint.net; I have tried to learn all these things to improve my overall developing skills. I have been able to use these skills outside the roblox platform too, such as on school projects.

I am very happy with how far I’ve made it on Roblox. I have met amazing people along the way and worked with many different people that I can happily call my friends, two of these are BuildIntoTrains and Zephyred. I have been working on my game, Streamlined, with developers like Jiskpirate, En_oe and JohnDrinkin and they have all been a pleasure to work with. I hope I can continue to develop and meet wonderful people. Streamlined, my first game should — after more than 6 years — finally release in 2019, and this game won’t be my last! I hope to finally get the hang of Blender and other outside programs, but what I hope for the most is to keep developing and making my dreams reality on Roblox!

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