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How to Buy RoboFi Token(VICS) on Hotbit Exchange

In this article, we will learn how to buy VICS on Hotbit Exchange. Follow these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Log in to your Hotbit Exchange account

  1. Go to Hotbit: To create an account, follow the steps below:

a. Select Register. The website displays the Register page.

b. Enter a valid email address or phone number.

c. Select Send. A verification code is sent to the registered email address OR phone number.

d. Copy and paste the verification code.

e. Enter the password.

f. Confirm the password.

g. When applicable, enter the referrer code.

h. Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.

i. Select Register. The account is successfully created. The website redirects the user to the login page.

2. Enter the email and password.

3. Select Click to verify.

4. Select login. The website displays the main page.

Step 2: Deposit crypto

To trade VICS on Hotbit, a deposit must be into the account. To deposit funds to your account, follow these steps:

  1. From the top-right corner of the screen, select Fund.
  2. Select Deposits.

Note: Deposits require 2FA activation. To activate 2FA, follow the steps on the pop-up message that is displayed on the screen. Once 2FA is activated, users can proceed with the deposit transaction.

  1. Choose the deposit type.

Important: Please pay attention to the minimum deposit volume.

  1. For fiat deposits:
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. Make a payment. Payment processes may differ between payment merchants. After the payment is completed, the website redirects users to the Hotbit main page and displays the Confirm Payment message.
  4. Select I have already paid to complete the deposit. For delayed crediting of deposits, contact Hotbit’s support team by submitting a support ticket.
  5. For crypto deposits:
  6. Enter the deposit address or scan the QR code.

Important: Apart from the token(s) that exactly match(es) with the deposit address(es) you intend to deposit your tokens into, DO NOT deposit any other type(s) of token(s) into the deposit address(es) that doesn’t (don’t) match with the relevant tokens. If any user(s) deposit(s) any other types of tokens into the wrong deposit address(es), the user(s) will not be able to retrieve their tokens in this case.

  1. Select the blockchain network. Note: Fees differ between networks.
  2. Complete the deposit transaction. Users may check the progress of their deposit transaction(s) in Fund> Fund History> Deposit History.

Once the deposit is credited to the account, users can start trading VICS!

Step 3: Find VICS pair and buy

All trading with Hotbit is done via the Exchange page.

  1. From the upper-left corner of the screen, select Exchange.
  2. Enter VICS in the search box. The search results return the pairs that are available to trade.
  3. Select the VICS pair.
  4. Enter BUY details, select Buy VICS.

Congratulations, you have successfully bought VICS.

Note: Trading is done via limit orders, with the option to buy on the left and sell on the right. In the case of the VICS/USDT pair, for example, your choices will be “Buy VICS” or “Sell VICS.” In either case, the price is automatically filled in at the market level, with plus and minus buttons for you to adjust the figure to your chosen price. Then, either enter the amount of the cryptocurrency you wish to buy or sell or select a percentage of the total amount in your account (25, 50, 75, or 100 percent). The total in the target currency will automatically update.

About RoboFi

RoboFi ( is a Defi platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots. Through its IBO (Initial Bot Offering) system, community members can maximize their earnings in an easy, simple, and secure way. We create a safe and transparent environment based on blockchain technologies that help developers bring crypto trading bot platforms to the market. In addition, individuals will have easy access to these bot applications, thereby generating more earning opportunities. RoboFi ecosystem is fueled by the VICS token.

About VICS

VICS token has a distinctive and enticing concept. VICS is the BEP-20 token, built on the Binance smart chain. It is a core utility token in the RoboFi ecosystem, the reliable crypto trading bot marketplace. One important utility is to own the governance token of DABots and participate in an IBO (Initial Bot Offering) to receive additional incentives. VICS is available on major exchanges for trading.

Official Link

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