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Learn RoboFI & Earn VICS- Community Airdrop!

Hello RoboFi Community,

As mentioned in previous communications, we have many events lined up for our community. Today, we’re pleased to present the “RoboFi Learn and Earn” event which will be held in RoboFi’s Official Telegram Community Chat.

RoboFi Learn and Earn

RoboFi Learn and Earn is a fun way for the community to learn more about RoboFi. Thru RoboFi Learn and Earn, community members can ask questions and earn VICS tokens.

How does RoboFi Learn to Earn work?

RoboFi Learn and Earn is simple, educational, and rewarding. Our aim is to educate the community about the Robofi project and its ecosystem. Simply send high-quality questions to the RoboFi team over the official community chat and be rewarded with VICS token.

How do I start earning?

Since you’re already part of the RoboFi army, that means you may to start earning VICS immediately. Ask your questions in the chat group and use the hashtags #AskToEarn. For example, “#AskToEarn Why we need DAO Trading Bots ?”


Every Monday to Friday. It is an ongoing event until our further notice! :)


⭕️ We will pick the THREE (3) best questions from each week and 10 $ worth of VICS will be given to those 3 winners!

⭕️ Each participant can win up to ONE time per week.

Terms and conditions

❌ Messages that are considered spam may be excluded from the activity and/or may disqualify the user.

⭕️ The winners will be notified via direct mention from RoboFi Telegram Admin. Each winner will be asked to provide their BSC address.

⭕️ RoboFi will announce the winners the day after each round ends.

Join this exclusive interactive event and get a chance to win up to $10 worth of VICS every week. Learn and Earn with Robofi.

About RoboFi

RoboFi ( is a Defi platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots. Through its IBO (Initial Bot Offering) system, community members can maximize their earnings in an easy, simple, and secure way. We create a safe and transparent environment based on blockchain technologies that help developers bring crypto trading bot platforms to the market. In addition, individuals will have easy access to these bot applications, thereby generating more earning opportunities. RoboFi ecosystem is fueled by the VICS token.

Official Link

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Telegram News | Reddit | Litepaper




RoboFi was born out of the mission to bridge the gap between financial technology and the people, providing DAO (Decentralized & Autonomous) trading Bots at their convenience. RoboFi is a powerful platform fuelled by VICS.

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RoboFi(VICS)-Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bots

RoboFi(VICS)-Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bots

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