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RoboFi-Incentivized Testnet Announcement

Dear RoboFi and VICS holder community,

Today we are excited to share truly breathtaking news with you, as the path to becoming a RoboFi is now open to the world! Today, we are very happy to announce RoboFi Incentivized Testnet!

We’ve deployed a stable version of RoboFi Dapp on testnet. RoboFi Beta Testing with VICS Airdrop will be an important event that greatly improves the UI/UX/ and App function. We want to ensure our platform has the highest standards in terms of code, performance, security, developer, and user experience. That’s why we’re having a testnet stage so users can try to start stress-testing, and sharing feedback as we prepare for a mainnet release.

Follow the guide to be part of the testnet, during tesnet period, users can test the functions of the platform, including swapping an asset on RoboFi Treasury, participating on IBO, buy and sell bots tokens, and more.

Everyone who participates has a potential chance to win VICS tokens. Tokens will be distributed same time as RoboFi App launched on Mainnet. The RoboFi App launched on mainnet is anticipated to occur between Q1 and Q2 2022 and the RoboFi Beta Testing.

Testnet link :


👉Claim your balance here:

👉Please make sure you read the user guide here:

Main Mission

1. Try Out RoboFi Treasury
2. Participate in IBO (Initial Bot Offering)
3. Buy Bot Token
4. Stake Bot Token
5. Sell Bot Token

Start testing, and share your feedback! 👋

As mentioned before, testing will give us all the valuable insight we’ll need to pave the way for a solid, and peer-reviewed mainnet release.
In the meantime, we encourage everyone to get building and join our telegram group to share with the RoboFi team any improvements, proposals, or feedback that might come from this first iteration!

We will share VICS to participants with the following categories:

1. Genuine products reviewer: 20 lucky winners will receive 10–100 USD worth of VICS (Based on feedback quality, we will reward)

2. Bug founders: All bug founders will receive 50–200 USD worth of VICS (Bugs must be verified/accepted by our tech team)

3. Secret Airdrops: We’ll secretly airdrop random participants who contribute to our testnet. Stay tuned!

4. Official Airdrops: We will announce official airdrops such as gleam campaign and lucky winners from gleam campaign participants will have a chance to earn VICS too!

Including the secret airdorps, there will be huge chances to win from 10–1000 USD worth of VICS token!

Please submit your feedback on our testnet here

About RoboFi

RoboFi ( is a Defi platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots. Through its IBO (Initial Bot Offering) system, community members can maximize their earnings in an easy, simple, and secure way. We create a safe and transparent environment based on blockchain technologies that help developers bring crypto trading bot platforms to the market. In addition, individuals will have easy access to these bot applications, thereby generating more earning opportunities. RoboFi ecosystem is fueled by the VICS token.

Official Link

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Telegram News | Reddit | Litepaper




RoboFi was born out of the mission to bridge the gap between financial technology and the people, providing DAO (Decentralized & Autonomous) trading Bots at their convenience. RoboFi is a powerful platform fuelled by VICS.

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RoboFi(VICS)-Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bots

RoboFi(VICS)-Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bots

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