Software + Professionals

Robofin Financial Automation

On January 22nd 2016, we launched our refined bookkeeping & accounting solution. Over the course of development, we realized that software alone does not solve problems. A combination of tools and professionals are needed to record, manage, and analyze financial data.

From here onward, Robofin will strive to become a collaboration platform between businesses and finance professionals. We provide FREE Cloud Accounting Software that businesses can use to run their day-to-day business activities. Our advance features will help professionals increase their productivity in producing financial information that is quick and valid.

We recognized the need for businesses to transform their financial data to a valid and meaningful information that support business decision. Robofin provide a quick and easy access to a wide variety of bookkeeping and accounting services with a competitive pricing. Our team of experts will immediately perform your request on-demand, anywhere, and anytime.

We understand that our product still have room for improvement. Therefore, we continue to develop and upgrade Robofin to satisfy our customers. Our baby-steps approach made us decide to focus in Indonesia. But, if you are from outside Indonesia and interested in our solution, we are happy to listen to any ideas. To learn more please visit