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There is an original balanced ecosystem in Robomed Network that allows customers who purchased RBM tokens while ICO to receive qualitative medical assistance and to ensure clinical guidelines.

What makes the ecosystem unique?

Creating the first virtual health system in the medical market consists of several stages. At first, the project’s developers founded their own large net of private full-circled medical clinics called «Open clinics».

When the project became self-liquidate and profit-making large scaled investments in IT sphere began. Basic versions of Robomed EHR and Robomed mobile software were developed. Moreover, beta testing of know-how in clinics was performed.

On the third stage the accents were made on business scaling. More than 50 medical services providers from different countries of the world including EU and USA paid attention to Robomed Network. Large and well-known clinics received the access to system after checking license and corresponding certificates. Generally, any private or legal person that can execute smart contracts criteria may become Robomed Network medical provider. It takes 31 days only to connect provider to the system.

During this period, the data is being structured in clinics, doubles and input errors are corrected, and customers’ database becomes a sales instrument. At the same time, clinics’ employees study how to use the system, smart contracts are accredited and the work with laboratories and insurance companies is simplified.

Finally, on stage four, the project will appear on world capital market. On September 26, 2017 a presale of Robomed Tokens (RBM) — the first medicine cryptocurrency will start.

How does the decentralized virtual medical network function? The patient registers in a system, chooses and purchases a smart contract from Robomed web marketplace. Each smart contact corresponds to each specific symptoms and consists from a strict set of clinical recommendations. Afterwards he or she transfers money to online wallet where they are stored until the end of healing process. Shall clinic receive payment or no — depends much upon the patient’s subjective opinion. He can also receive extra RBM tokens by voting for medical standards. He only needs to sign in the Robomed Network Community.

The doctors in clinics can also update clinical metrics. A member of medical community has to approve his ID and education, grant relevant licenses and certificates. He then needs to register in Robomed web and request the entry to Robomed Network Community. Making professional feedbacks, he receives reward — RBM tokens.

The basic effectiveness’ criteria are already set in the system and there already is a pool of authorized members of medical community. The pool will grow in the course of ecosystem development increasing volume and quality of Robomed Network medical database as well as the efficiency of services.

The main aim of voting is to create rating of classified clinical cases and medical services. That information will also replenish Robomed Network medical database. Thus, that is an original instrument to decentralize management of effectiveness criteria of medical services and its value increases.

«In fact we can observe the evolution of medical services here, — comments Philipp Mironovich, CEO at Robomed Network. Our team made everything possible to predict the detailed future of ecosystem. However, the application of smart contract in medicine — is a step that we are the first ones to make in the whole world industry. Thus, Robomed Network remains the right to vary and change current configuration of decentralized tools of effectiveness definition. Our method that is based on voting is made to bring healing standards to higher level. We want to create a comfort ecosystem of negotiations between patient and clinic to secure patients’ rights and motivate clinic in a proper way.»

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