Smart contracts in Robomed Network

Health Investments

Starting from November 16, 2017 any investor who bought Robomed Network tokens (RBM) during ICO can choose a smart contract from Robomed Network website. The contract existing in a form of a source code implemented on Ethereum platform is devoted to each specific disease and provides international clinical guidelines.

To make a common bargain one needs to attend a lawyer or notary, pay money and wait for documents execution. Smart contracts allow digital money exchange with no mediators involved. You simply make a payment and receive contract from clinic to your account. Unlike traditional agreements, smart contracts not only contain information about each side obligations and penalties for violations, they automatically provide implement of all contact’s conditions.

RBM smart contract ensures the rights of property and lucidity. Any customer can get acquainted with the deal beforehand via GidHub and purchase a smart contract according to his balance and price list of his region. The prices on medical services are not the same in different countries and cities so the price of smart contact is different too.

«Smart contract in our ecosystem represents medical negotiations between patients and doctors from clinic. The patient does not acquire something unknown but concrete health results. The smart contract consists from a set of clinical recommendations for the treatment where every disease implicates a concrete list of actions», — explains Philipp Mironovich, CEO of the Robomed Network project.

It is also important that the payment for healing doesn’t immediately appear on the chosen clinic’s account. Money are frozen in «Personal account» of patients. At a certain point that program confirms the contract’s performance and detects automatically whether to transfer money to clinic or to return them to customer immediately. All the while, the documents are stored and duplicated in a decentralized register so that they are secured and no side can change the agreement’s conditions.

After receiving the order, the health care center starts its services and receives the RBM tokens in case of full performance of points of the contract only. Medical service is confessed to be executed according to Robomed Network smart contract if the minimum of 65% of efficiency is reached. However, the proportion of objective medical efficiency criteria is 66.7% and the proportion of subjective medical efficiency criteria is 33.3%.

Such a distribution is required to exclude the placebo effect when low efficiency is being compensated with a high-level service or a situation when a patient is not happy for some personal reason while technically the service is performed correct. That system also rules out the possibility of patient’s one side repudiation of contract in case when the medical provider executes all objective criteria recognized by Robomed Network community.

In case when the 65% efficiency level is not reached Robomed Network cancels the smart contract and RBM tokens spent by a patient return to his Robomed Network online wallet. These all is transparent and comes in real time mode. So that the fake is impossible.

«Our project is made to raise the medical services level and make the whole system easier. We want to create a friendly payment system between patient and hospital so that it can secure patient’s rights and motivate clinic in a proper way» — points Philipp Mironovich.

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