RoboRana — Specialised in RPA solutions

RPA or Robotics Process Automation is a digital technology that is tremendously trending at this moment! It has everything to disrupt various industries and fits perfectly in the digital era we are facing now. The non-invasive software technology can automate repetitive and high-volume back-end processes across multiple applications with more accuracy and consistency than a human being ever can do. Because of the cost savings, the scalability and the ease of implementation, the ROI is often less than a year. As the technology is constantly evolving and maturing, the integration with chatbots and AI will be the next step to take.

We recently started a new service company, called RoboRana, that will mainly focus on delivering RPA technology like BluePrism and UiPath to a wide spectrum of clients across different sectors. Besides process automation, we will also provide RPA trainings, advice and support to our clients. Being part of the IBIZZ cluster within the Cronos Group, gives us the opportunity to closely collaborate with other successful start-up companies like Craftworkz (Prototyping), theledger (Blockchain) and others. We believe this is only the beginning of an exciting adventure alongside an incredible inspiring technology.

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions, ideas and tips and together we make the future bright!

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