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There are some things that we are not short of at RoboRobo, such as simple but frivolous game ideas. Encouraged by the success of Agymozgató, we soon started our next “fun project”.

This time we made a more lexical game: our Mozimoji (MovieMoji) bot puts our users’ movie knowledge to the test.

Emojis have got the main role besides movies in our bot-cinema. Emojis are popular accessories for digital communication, as they simplify and streamline conversation at the same time. In addition, they do not only carry meaning individually, but they can also tell complete stories.

This is what Mozimoji does since it shows well-known movies in its puzzles with nothing but emojis alone. It is up to the players to recognize which movie they see on the screen, using all of their film and emoji knowledge. Solutions are also accepted by Mozimoji in English and Hungarian, and is also aware of possible typos.

Among the puzzles are the great classics and also the favourites of recent years. Since an existing film knowledge is needed to solve puzzles, the main target audience is the 18–30 years old.

Emoji vs Image

Mozimoji sends puzzles as images to users. During the design, we’ve of course met the emoji 🆚 image dilemma, but we voted relatively fast and unanimously for the image solution. There were 3 main reasons:

  1. Most of the emojis appear differently on each version of the individual operating systems — if they appear at all. With the pictures, we wanted to avoid the inconvenience of an uneven or incomplete appearance.
  2. The images sent in Messenger can be shared, so the user can simply forward the puzzle to a friend, to request help for example, or as a shared memory. This stimulates the organic spread of the game.
  3. The great advantage of the images is that they can be united and branded perfectly — in Mozimoji, every puzzle comes with a logo and a unified appearance.

Types of puzzles

The gameplay looks like this: the puzzle is received ➡ The player solves / the player asks for help and then solves the puzzle / The player gives up ➡ the next puzzle is sent.

Despite the repetitive gameplay, Mozimoji stays totally exciting, as there are three puzzle types:

  1. Emojis show an iconic character from the movie:
Emojis show an iconic character from the movie

2. Emojis show the main, most known scene from the movie:

Emojis show either the Hungarian or the original movie title:

As puzzles are collected in various forms, the result is a diverse gameplay. Thus users truly can grind their gears.

Game structure

During the game, users get the puzzles grouped by movie genres. One category contains 4 films. With this solution, we provide players with help and motivation.

First, since we start the four blocks with the name of the category, users don’t have to start from scratch to find the solution. On the other hand, solving a category creates a smaller objective for the players. After completing the categories, the performance is rewarded with 🍿popcorns, corresponding to the cinema theme.

At the end of each completed category, we’ll show the user how many percents of the players were doing better. If one was better than less of 50% of other players, we will show only the total number of popcorn they achieved — stay positive! ✌🏻


The chatbot provides two kinds of lifelines for each puzzle:

  • Character 👮
  • Screenshot 🎞

Choosing the Screenshot, the bot will send a picture showing an iconic scene of the movie. The Character will tell the name of a main character in a textual form.

The problem

While we have tested the creativity and logic of the users with Agymozgató, In Mozimoji, we’ve built on gathered movie experience / knowledge. If someone didn’t see the movie, the puzzle would be difficult for them, even with help.

In order to avoid the negative emotion what an unknown film could cause in the player, and rather set the mood for watching the movie, at the end of each block, we send the IMDB link of the movies in that category. One can get links in the form of scrollable cards, which takes to the IMDB page of each movie.


Mozimoji has so far been over 11.4 million message exchanges, and the number of players is over 25,000. 🎉 We are very satisfied with the result, as the number of users has grown nicely with low Facebook page activity and advertising costs.

Feedback, reviews

In addition to exploring the potential of bots in “fun projects”, our goal is to create something entertaining and exciting for users.

Feedback from players is important to us and we are very pleased that Mozimoji has a lot of nice and positive reviews!

“Entertaining, creative, funny!” “I will definitely watch 3 movies already” “100x better than other games in the App/Play store” — says some of our reviews

Given that the team is made up of movie fans, it is difficult to objectively evaluate the project (We ❤ Mozimoji). At the same time, based on the feedback, Mozimoji is another great example after Agymozgató that a simple game can be so addictive with some well-thought-out ideas and creative solutions

Try out Mozimoji movie game bot:

Disclaimer: this is a translated version of an article originally posted on our own, on August 1, 2018.

Bot stats as of March 22, 2019:
3,500,000+ incoming messages, total of 10,000,000+ message exchanges, 30,000+ unique users, 4.8/5 rating.



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