So you’re open-minded?

Why wearables are the new ‘home computing’ and robotics will change the way we experience the world.

OK, I’m gonna out myself here: I’m a wearables & robotics believer, nah, a fanboi, really.


Very simple: within the next 5 to 10 years these two technologies will completely change the way we communicate, navigate, find stuff and also how we participate in commercial activities. Just like mobile phones did, only more pervasive.


When you nowadays read something on your iPad, just think about where this all started: two guys in a garage and we’ve come a long way from this …

Now, while the features of the current generation of wearables might be laughable, and they cost too much, etc. this is really just like home-computing in the late 70ies, compared with a tablet we hold in our hands, today, for 200 bucks.

It’s really early days; we witness setbacks and people find wearables sometimes awkward. But give it a few years and it will go mainstream, first possibly bundled with your new mobile phone and more and more standalone.


A related but maybe not so hyped topic is that of robotics. No matter where you look, commercial entities get serious about it such as Google’s recent acquisitions or Amazon’s plans around the future of delivery via drones.

Again the same picture here; early days. We recently got our MOSS kit shipped and our kids love it. Still, while Modular Robotics does a great job in what it delivers today, this is really just the very beginning. Imagine the sensors and motors of the robots in all sort of sizes integrated with the mobile phones and wearables in a simple and straightforward way so that everyone can not only use, but combine, extend and adapt them.

The takeaway message is: no matter if you like or hate wearables today, no matter if you fear robots or look forward to benefit from their services, you can’t afford to ignore them.

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