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Learn Practical Programming: Step 0

Getting our tools to code.

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Now that we know what an algorithm is, it’s time to start preparing ourselves to code on the computer. Before we go over the next concepts of programming we need to have the necessary tools: The compiler/interpreter and the IDE.


It’s a program we’ll use to write our code. You could use a simple text editor, but using an IDE is helpful because it adds colors to keywords and some can even help us identify errors. If you want, you can use any IDE you like, but I’ll recommend using Visual Studio Code, it’s lightweight, simple, and very powerful.

Just follow the installation guide in the link above and you’ll be just fine.

The Compiler/Interpreter

This one is a little bit trickier. A compiler/interpreter is a program that reads your code and turns it into a program. In this course, we’ll be using Python3 as our programming language. I’ll leave you a link to install the interpreter in whatever operative system you use.


To know if everything works fine just go to your Visual Studio Code (or the IDE you installed), create a new file named “”, add the following lines and save it on your desktop.

The line to add into

now go to your terminal (or if you’re using Windows open the python program you just installed), navigate to your desktop and run your first program with the following command (python3 If everything was installed properly, you’ see the words “Hello World” after pressing the Enter key.

result of

And that’s it! Our first program. I know some times this installation process can be confusing, if that’s the case, don’t hesitate on leaving your questions in the comment section and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Until the next step! Don’t forget to follow us if you like our content!



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