Are you playing this game too?

This game is another easy one for kids and one that finally puts all that garbage laying around to good use.

It’s a game where you’ll need a bin, plus 5 random objects, which during gameplay will be thrown into that bin, therefore you can call it 5 Things in a Bin. You can use any 5 things you can safely throw, such as a plastic bottle, a sandal, a ping pong ball, a shuttlecock, a small plastic hoop... You can also throw a plethora, if you know what that is. This game is a perfect opportunity for teaching new vocabulary.


One way to play this is with two students. Each student stands behind a line with the same 5 items each and both face the same bin or each has their own bin. If the teacher were to say “shuttlecock!” each student would throw the shuttlecock into the bin. One point can be awarded to the student who throws the object in the bin, into the bin first, nearest to the bin, fastest to the bin, or any other combination. Don’t forget to keep track of the points on a whiteboard.

Solo Challenge

Another way to play this is one at a time. Have only one student with 5 items behind a line facing the bin. Start by saying each item and give the student one point for throwing each item into the bin or whatever you got there. You can deduct a point if they throw the wrong item. You might also want to add a timer for perhaps one minute to maintain control of time.