You relax while everyone else runs around

A good way to encourage kids to run with chopsticks in class is to have a game that does just that.

In this game called Dumpling Express, you’ll need a pair of chopsticks, a couple of bins, and five crumpled balls of paper. Please don’t use fancy resumé paper because we’re going for cheap here. (You can use sheets of yesterday’s newspaper or a failed test paper with no name on it, for example.) Now, set the bins far apart and add the five crumpled balls of paper to one bin. With the student starting at the full bin, they will use the chopsticks to quickly transfer each “dumpling” to the other bin, one dumpling at a time.

A vs B

This can be played as a race with one student against another. The student that finishes first gets the winning point. Or, better yet, each dumpling is one point and the winner is awarded with the full 5 points and the other team gets 3 or 4 points, say. That way the other team doesn’t feel like losers.


If the class is small, consider using your watch or a stopwatch to time each student and award the fastest student with a standing ovation or something.

no running

Lastly, if you don’t like kids running around, this can be done on a wide desk if that works better for you.