pizza game

What happens when one merges the idea of a pizza conglomerate with the gaming industry down to a level of what a 5 year old understands?

Not unlike a simple sticky target game, draw a large circle on the whiteboard. Then, divide the circle into slightly more pieces than there are students. (The last thing you’d want to do is leave a kid without a piece.) You can also ask kids what kind of toppings they want. They’ll say stuff like “candy!” or “dinosaurs!” or “poo-poo!” Have fun with this part, but move on to the game before the growing influx of suggestions drives you mad.

team A vs B

Have a student from one team throw a stickyball at the pizza. When they hit a piece, you can erase it from the board (“yumyumyum”) and give them a point. Should they hit two pieces, you can erase two pieces and then give the student two points. You’ll have to judge the scene whether to give some students that can’t throw another throw should they not hit a piece. For students that hit the absolute center (“ugh”), you just have to limit that student to two pieces tops!

Should this be for a class where learning occurs, you can have each kid say something they’ve learned before they go up to throw.