Apple using USB-C on next iPhone?

Switching out the Lightning port just doesn’t add up

Via The Verge:

The wording isn’t 100 percent clear, but the WSJ seems to be suggesting that Apple will drop the iPhone’s proprietary Lightning port in favor of the industry’s standard USB Type-C connector. It would be an unusual move for Apple, which has never been afraid of pushing its own connection standards, but not completely inexplicable. The company has already adopted USB-C on its MacBook line, and the two standards share some key features, including reversibility.

This seems unlikely simply because of how hard Apple pushed lightning as the superior way to listen to music during the iPhone 7 announcement. Can you imagine the backlash when they announce only one year later that USB-C is actually the way to go?

Also, from a technical perspective, I find Lightnjng just works better. Whenever I’ve had an Android phone that used USB-C, changing was fairly inconsistent and the cord itself would often need to be flipped around to make a connection. Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve done so and I’m sure they’ve made improvements.

Update - 03/03/2017

Although the WSJ is usually the place to go for Apple’s (often intentional) leaks, it’s looking more and more like there was a communication gap surrounding the switch to USB-C. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, someone deeply connected to the Apple supply chain, seems to have cleared everything up:

We believe all three new iPhones launching in 2H17 will support fast charging by the adoption of Type-C Power Delivery technology (while still retaining the Lightning port). A key technical challenge lies with ensuring product safety and stable data transmission during a fast charge.