Some Switch games may lack TV connectivity

Defeating the whole idea of “play however you like”

Via Ars Technica:

A Japanese rhythm-tapping game that might have otherwise flown under the radar was spotted by a user at the NeoGAF gaming forum because of one unexpected feature: a “portable-only” mode.
If the developer’s listing is indeed accurate, that would make the game in question, called Voez, the first Switch game to officially forbid docking to its TV stand. In some ways, that restriction makes sense, as the game is all about tapping buttons that appear on the screen to the beat of the music, much like games in the Elite Beat Agents and Hatsune Miku series.
However, that adds a caveat to the expectation that all the system’s games would work in both portable and docked modes.

So let’s recap.

Last week we found out that the console won’t launch with Virtual Console games at launch, that Bluetooth audio is “impossible”, effectively killing almost any way to chat with friends during online play, and now we learn that there will in fact be games without support for the TV link function of the system. Short of maybe the Bluetooth issue, none of these are deal-breakers. It’s just frustrating to be recieving so many mixed messages from Nintendo this close to launch. None of the details about it seem clearly defined or consistent.

Nintendo’s had disappointing results with third-party developers, sure, and in order to secure better support from them, the console needs to be as open, adaptable, etc. However, Nintendo is sending mixed messages about what end-users can actually do with the thing, which is confusing and frustrating. This reminds me of the confusion surrounding the Wii U launch and the tablet controller, which is the last thing Nintendo needs to be comparing the Switch launch to.

I’m hoping games that lack this feature are few and far between or the whole idea of the system falls apart and customers are going to fell misled.

Update - 03/03/2017:

I’ve been pretty down on the Switch but hearing about all the indie titles they have lined up for the thing gives me some hope:

Nintendo says more than 60 indie games will be out for their new console by year’s end. Today, they blasted out a list of 17 of them and showed a lot more logos. Some were already announced. Regardless, some cool stuff here.
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