Atom-Universe Paradox

I’ve been strenuously thinking about the universe from the past one month and got to know about the “Atom-Universe Paradox”. This was a mind erupting and exceptional topic that involves many of the mysteries about the universe. I thought of documenting the research I’ve about this topic. This paradox made me a mad man, and have driven me to undergo through these topics.

SUGGESTION: If you already knew about the basic theories of Universe you can scroll down to the ending pages of the blog. If you want to know the basic concepts that support the paradox you should read the blog completely.

It’s been 13,700,000,000 that an explosion kept our universe into motion. It is the start of every galaxy, star, planet, your and my life. The cause for everything mentioned above was due to “The Big Bang Theory.”

Let us know some facts about our Universe.

We all knew that earth rotates around itself for 24 hours and revolves around the sun about 365.25 days.

  • Sun is made up of H (Hydrogen) and He (Helium) atoms. Surface Temperature of the sun is nearly 10,0000Fahrenheit.
  • Sun converts 700,000,000 tons of Hydrogen to 600,000,000 tons of Helium per second to give light for the earth.
  • We might think we (Solar Systems) are stable, but we move 214Km per second in the universe.
  • There are nearly 20,000 crores of stars present in our Universe. And nearly 600 crores of solar systems contain planetary model like us in those stars.
  • There is an estimation of 12,500 crores of galaxies like our Milky-way Galaxy present in our universe.
  • Our universe increases its spatial and geometrical size concerning time.

According to this statement, we can say that our universe before 13,700,000,000 years used to be in the size of an atom.

At that time there is a large explosion within the atom (say, universe) and change the whole scenario, that is called “The Big Bang Theory.” Breaking down the terminology,

Big = Large

Bang = Explosion

We don’t know how this happened, scientists are still figuring out about this. Every element in the universe, stars, planets, celestial are originated from the Big Bang only. After 380,000 years everything in the universe is comprised of Hydrogen atoms. Attaining a temperature of 19,000,000o Fahrenheit, these H atoms started to convert into He atoms. The energy produced at this temperature is capable of giving birth to a star. Thus, a billion stars took birth after this conversion.

H-H = He + Energy

Subsequently, many elements like Li (Lithium), C (Carbon), N (Nitrogen), O (Oxygen) have formed. The stars which have been formed with the mentioned elements again exploded and resulted in heavy metals like Cu (Copper), Au (Gold), Ag (Silver). This process has been continued and many new stars are formed, exploded and gave birth to new elements and stars.

Following this process, a huge star has been formed. We call that as “SUN”. Sun is of 99% of Hydrogen dust, due to this dust gravity has been accumulated near The sun. And this being a reason the surrounding star started to revolve around the sun, thus the planetary model is upsurged.

At that time the Earth was full of lava, and the time then was 6 hours per day. The heavy particles present on the surface of the earth infused to the core and the light particles have created magnetic fields around the earth. These magnetic lines partially prevented the heat from the sun and helped earth to cool down itself while revolving around the Sun.

Concept of Big Bang Theory:

It’s been 920 crore years since our universe have been formed. Then a Mars-sized asteroid moving with prodigious speed hit the Earth. This resulted in the explosion of planet Earth. This is the reason why the earth is slightly tilted. After the asteroid hit, the dust present on the surface of the earth has been spread into the universe. This dust is accumulated and finally formed into Moon. That is why we see traces of atmosphere on the moon.

Vapours of lava started to accumulate on the higher atmosphere, there started the life of creatures. Those vapours turned into clouds over thousands of years and the surface of lava has been cooled. These clouds started to rain. The first creature was also very minute as the starting phase of the universe. There was a lot of energy accumulated over the Earth at the time of big bang, so the creatures (blue-green algae) tend to use that for survival. We all knew the story from there, the birth of amphibians, evolution of dinosaurs, again an asteroid hitting the earth, extinction of dinosaurs, and finally evolution of Homo Sapiens. There is a lot more to read while digging deep into the paradox.

This is all about the comprised concept of Big Bang Theory. Further to know more about the Atom-Universe paradox, we should have a glance about String Theory, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

String Theory:

“In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.”


This is the definition of String theory if we search on the web. Let me make that simple. Consider a typical guitar, which has 3–5 strings, if you pluck one string it affects the other strings too to vibrate, while this concept is related to space. String theory is strings (one-dimensional objects) in a certain dimension that interacts with other dimensions resulting in the existence of cosmic strings.

Majorly we have three dimensions before sting theory, but after appending the fourth dimension, the whole perspective of the fundamental physics has been changed. Later in the mid-1990s, this was extended to 11 dimensions in the name of M-theory. The string theory finally resulted in Unified Theory” (The Theory of Everything) solving many complexities in Quantum Chromodynamics, Condensed Matter Physics, and paradoxes like gravity in Black Holes, dark matter, cosmic infiltration.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity:

General relativity (GR), also known as the general theory of relativity (GTR), is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and the current description of gravitation in modern physics.

General relativity generalizes special relativity and refines Newton’s law of universal gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime. In particular, the curvature of spacetime is directly related to the energy and momentum of whatever matter and radiation are present. The relation is specified by the Einstein field equations, a system of partial differential equations.


Again, this is from the web, breaking it into grains, consider the whole universe as a Skit, the characters will be Solar Systems, Galaxies, stars, planets depending on their characterization. But Gravity is considered as the Stage. Let the characters may play their role or not, let the skit be going on or not, the stage will be there existing all the time. Henceforth there will be many stars taking birth or dying, many galaxies may be forming but the gravitation constituting around them will be always present. I have specified only about gravity so that more confusions wouldn’t rise.

Simplifying General theory of Relativity, if you sit beside a cute girl and talking to her for two hours maybe like two minutes, but sitting on the stove continuously for two minutes will be like two hours.

Source: Random meme from Instagram.

Coming to the Main thing “Atom — Universe Paradox”

Atom-Universe Paradox:

PS: This is solely my opinion and has written everything from my point of view.

Over the past month, I’m getting some thoughts which are not really conventional. Starting with the paradox let us consider the Universe will be in the size of an atom. There will be many similarities between an atom and the universe.

I have mentioned the same thing above in the facts about the universe. The size of our universe before 13,700,000,000 years would be in the size of an atom. So, thinking in that sense, we can find some of the unsolved mysteries about the universe.

  • The structure of the atom resembles the planetary model of our solar system in the Universe.

Actually, no person could be able to see the exact thing present inside the atom. We are passing an electromagnetic ray on the atom that reflects back and refracts through the microscopic lens into our eye, the optical nerve sends the data as the impulse to the brain and our brain is capable of recreating the image of the atom. That is how we could only see some spheres (electrons) revolving around the larger sphere (nucleus).
  • The subatomic particles can be considered as Galaxies and solar systems.

Here the sub-atomic particles are electrons, protons,

neutrons and alpha particles. These can be compared to the solar system. In an atom, we can find orbitals and sub-orbitals which brings in the concept of stars in the galaxy.

  • Destruction of Atoms (Black Holes)

All the facts we knew about Black Holes is not really 1% of the actual facts. How does a black hole form? Blackhole is formed by a star which is going to die. That requires a huge amount of energy to take place so Black Holes can be rarely identified in a century or they are constantly forming in a place where we can’t identify. The point I want to specify here is it takes and produces a lot of energy for a star to die. So as for atom if we are able to increase the frequency of the electromagnetic wave and reduce the wavelength we can attain the crystal clear image of the structures present in an atom, but that is not possible because intensifying the electromagnetic wave can destroy the atom and release a lot of energy there.

In the film Iron Man 2, the fictional character Tony Stark has created a new element by bombarding the existing one with the other one. This became the source of power for his armour. Though it was all fictional the lesson we should learn here is a bombardment of atoms creates a massive power, i.e, Black Holes.
  • Covalent Bonds in atoms

We all have studied this from our 8th standard, to satisfy the octet rule atoms either loose or gain or share electrons. Covalent bond comes under the sharing of electrons. Sharing of electrons gives stability between two atoms and atoms always tend to be stable. This can be related to Worm Holes Concept.

A wormhole is a speculative structure linking separate points in the space-time dimension between two galaxies or universes.

  • If every universe is an atom then we are seeing, eating, drinking, excreting millions of universes. But the end of the day everything is conserved.

PS: This is completely Hypothesis, I have researched about this and presenting in my point of view.

The string theory and Einstein’s theory of relativity can be used here. If we are eating millions of universes, then our universe may be also an atom on a planet. This arises to a conception of superior creatures which are highly adequate than us. So they might be in multi-dimensions which we are living as proposed in M-Theory, and the whole thing runs on Gravity as proposed in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

These are the thoughts that I had for the past month and the whole thing is presented in accordance with my knowledge.

The universe is full of Mysteries

Date of Documentation: 22/07/2020

Date of Completion: 30/07/2020

About The Author:

I’m a student at Sastra Deemed University, B.Tech Mechatronics, 2023. My dream is to diversify my proficiency in every domain. Enraptured for AI, and Robotics. I ponder myself as Tech Lunatic and highly fascinated about Technology. My interest in coding has driven me to work on many projects. I’m working as a Technical Content Writer at AI Tech Web, you can see my works at

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I’m a student at Sastra Deemed University, B.Tech Mechatronics, 2023. My dream is to diversify my proficiency in every domain. Enraptured for AI, and Robotics.