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Toggling LED project with iCE40 FPGA using Apio

Essentially, how to write a first Verilog app

Parque del Retiro, Madrid | Photo by Juan Sandubete

In the previous post, I simply wrote a basic summary about how to set the Apio environment to run an example without trying to take a look to the code.

The first problem I saw with the platform Apio was the number of available examples at the Github repository, which is super low…




Dynamic simulations with Python, navigation and control algorithms with C++, embedded systems, basic electronics and other useful topics for robotics developers. If you want to publish in Robotics Devs, send your draft to:

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Juan Sandubete

Juan Sandubete

Andalusian Engineering PhD Student and SCUBA Diver living in Paris who loves to learn stuff, to build artifacts and to experience nice things.

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