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Robotos Roadmap 2.0: What Lies Ahead

Today, we’re excited to tell you what’s ahead of us! There are many big things in store for 2022, and we want to tell you about them. From art toys, 3D metaverse-ready characters to music projects and land for botos, here’s a closer look at what we’ve planned:

Art toys and plushies

One of our biggest goals will be to bring to life Robotos through art toys with a limited edition drop by partnering with leading toy makers.

But wen plushies? Last year, we spoke with many plushy manufacturers and ordered samples. We’ve been testing quality and materials. Our goal is to drop Robopet plushies before EOY. Look at this cute punk Kittyboto:

3D Roboto Characters

This is an exciting one, so let us tell you more.

The Robotos team will be working on ten fully rigged 3D models of exclusive Robotos that represent different communities in an iconic way. We’ll start with five models:

  • A Punkboto,
  • A Pirateboto,
  • An Astroboto,
  • A Mulleto, and
  • a Cyborgo.

These models will be given to the community and will be put in a new collection. They will be ready to be used in Decentraland.

Just note, these are not a 1-to-1 model of your NFT. Characters will not be a representation of the 9,999 Robotos with different traits. We’re starting with a small batch of characters that represent different communities because we want you to explore the metaverse being a Roboto. :)

Our main focus is building the Microverse, where Robotos will be able to use their tokens in many creative ways, but we understand the trend of 3D metaverses, and we want our collectors to go into these worlds representing the community that we so much love.

We’ll let the community vote on the second batch of characters once we finish the first five.

Robotos IRL Events

We had a lot of fun planning and meeting other Robotos in our IRL events last year. These hangouts with collectors made us realize that we need to keep hosting events to create a stronger global community. So we started imagining where we could potentially host our IRL events next year. Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Itinerant Pop Up Gallery
  • NFT Los Angeles
  • Tokyo
  • San Francisco
  • New York City (again!)
  • Madrid
  • London

Robotos Music Project

I will start a new music project under the Roboto’s name navigating a mix of electronic dance music, geeky indie, and latin. Ayayay! Talented musicians from the community will be invited to collaborate with production, songwriting, and other creative input.

We’ll push for collaborations and features with artists beyond our community. We plan to release five singles throughout Q1 and Q2.

Suits as Tokens

Suits for Robotos and Robopets will now be tokenized in a new collection.

To change the apparel of your Roboto, you would go to the Robotos Workshop, connect your wallet, choose your Roboto, and choose the clothing you want to wear. Every new suit will be a token now, so, to change the clothes, you need to have those tokens on your wallet too.

These suits will be distributed in different ways, airdrops, contests, treasure hunts, and events.

All the existing suits will be bundled into one single Classics token that will be distributed to all collectors. We’ll let you know when we take this snapshot and do this airdrop.

We’re exploring integrating these suits and other tokenized assets into the Microverse. This will potentially happen by the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2.

Merch 2.0 + tokenized items

We’ll be relaunching our shop in 2022. Exclusive merch will be available only for collectors. Additionally, we want to launch limited edition merch in collaboration with other crypto-artists and brands. One of these collaborations is already in the works. 👟

While we’re excited about collectors ordering physical products, we want to tokenize our limited edition drops so they live in your wallet too, giving you the ability to trade them as you please. Our goal is to make the digital item more valuable in the long term. What if you could wear your tokenized merch in the metaverse? We’ll see.


We want to make of Robotos a widely accepted brand that appeals to all demographics — from girls to boys to men and women. Our goal is to partner with other established and well-renowned brands to go beyond the NFT industry. Who said Roboto LEGOs?

New NFT Marketplace Listings

Other than OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, the Robotos team wants to make sure that we are part of every marketplace.

Decentralized Voting System

50% of the Robotos community fund up will be used towards funding proposals. Roboto & Robopet collectors will be able to vote on proposals on, a decentralized voting system.

To start with, community leaders & the Robotos team will be able to create proposals for the community to vote on. We are also considering opening up proposal submission to everyone, based on tokens held.

People’s voting power will be based on the quantity of Robotos and Robopets they hold. 2x votes for every Roboto held, 1x vote for every Robopet held.

We’re working on the final details, and we’ll share the details with the community for their input before we go live. Our first proposal will be meta: deciding who can submit proposals.

Robotos Animated Show

Time Studios and I are developing an animated children’s series based on Robotos.

The goal is to create the world where our heroes live, write the episodes of the first season, and envision the arc of the characters. Between Q1-Q2, we’ll start production of a pilot with an animation studio.

Roboto Land

Our major focus is on creating a world in which every Roboto can connect, build together, and be inspired.

That’s why the focus of our product and art teams will be on building Roboto Land.

Roboto Land will be a 2D experience with multiple worlds, villages, and meadows in which every Roboto and all NFTs are welcome. We call these connected mini-worlds Microverses.

We’ll create Microverses for different communities, including Robopolis, the Flying Pirate Ship, The Cyborgo Country Club, Mulleto Meadows, Punk Mountain, the Disco Pyramids, Space Camp, and others.

Different trait-based mechanics will be explored in the world, giving Robotos and Robopets different abilities and access to exclusive places.

We’ll host different events in the Microverse like art exhibitions, music events, Twitter Spaces, treasure hunts, contests, and other fun stuff!

We’ll develop a Quest Builder to create games, puzzles, and treasure hunts where collectors will be able to collect tokens.

The Microverse is a place to have fun, be inspired, and more than anything, where all Robotos find a sense of belonging.

Robotown Short Circuit Game

There will be mini-games in the Microverse. These mini-games will have their own mechanics, style, rewards, and even

The first mini-game we’ll create is a simple racing game with different tracks.

Creating this game will allow us to experiment and unlock different technical aspects like using a game engine, game mechanics, and a physics engine so we can use it in other games.


Oh… did we mention land? By mid Q2, once our builder tools are ready, we’ll open Roboto Land so every Roboto can claim a space in the Microverse.

As a collector, your token will be tied to a space, and you’ll have easy-to-use creative tools to make whatever you want in your space.

First, all the spaces will be in Robopolis, and eventually, your Roboto will move to the world where they belong.

Your Microverse is tied to a Roboto. This brings pretty interesting.

The future is bright and we couldn’t be more excited about the community we’re building together. Help us spread the word about what’s coming so more botos can join our amazing community… LFG, botos!!




A collection of droid characters designed by Pablo Stanley that live in the blockchain.

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