Sketch Tutorial and Freebie

How to make responsive Forms in Sketch

Use the power of nested symbols to turn a simple rectangle with text into a muscular user-oriented form elements.

Bunin Dmitriy
Jul 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Use multiple inputs

With Frames you can achieve more flexibility when working with forms. We always want to have room to try different types of input fields and change them on fly, this could be really useful when we design for real projects so we want forms to be more friendly to work with.

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All child symbols must have the same artboard size.

Customize visual details

For every symbol in Frames, we have a small building blocks inside each component, such as: Label , Text, Icon and State. Each of this blocks attributes can be accessed and tailored via overrides panel to fit the current interface situation. You can either use this pre-made attributes or customize them and inherit into your projects.

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Since 44, resizing options have been updated with new resizing panel, to give you more power and control over how your layers should behave when you resize their parent container.

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