Reaching guests is hard.

Tim Armstrong
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2 min readJun 1, 2023


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Promoting Bars & Nightclubs hasn’t changed since the industrial revolution.

Let me know if this feels familiar: You book musicians, you arrange for an advert in the local paper, you put new banners outside the door, and you have some people outside hand out flyers in the street. If you’re tech-savvy enough, you’ve tried buying ads on Instagram and posting to a local Facebook group. If you have a big enough budget, maybe you bought a radio ad spot.

How effective has all that been for you?
What was your uplift relative to a regular day?
Did you break even last time?

You’re not alone. Pubs, Bars, and Nightclubs have limited options for self-promotion, and most don’t know how to use them effectively. New media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) are treated just like traditional media (billboards, radio, tv, etc.) — spraying a barrage of ads out there and hoping for the best. And you don’t even have usable feedback on the advert’s success short of asking every guest at the door how they heard about the venue.

So how do you fix this?

It’s a good question, paying popular influencer accounts in your area (like Secret.London) can help, but not every town is lucky enough to have one promoting their area when they need it.

This is why we’re building Rock-on.Space we help you find guests wherever you are.