Your Anger is a Gift

What does it really mean to rage against the machine ?

For an anti-establishment movement propelled by the hard pounding riffs and hip-hop rhymes of one of LA’s most iconic bands, the term has been appropriated by the mainstream in an effort to create the illusion of credibility.

Personally, I’m not big on politics. But I believe in the power of music. I believe that at it’s core it is an agent of change. A catalyst that brings forward the truest purest form of you.

I may not know who the best individual is to collectively lead us into a better future and standard of life, but I do know for a fact that nobody is better qualified than myself to help shape the future I want for myself.

In a world where copycats and imitation have become the staple of the music & art world, it is somewhat surprising that so few have attempted to follow in the footsteps of Rage Against the Machine. Ultimately you can not fake authenticity, there is no copy+paste for integrity. You can not make people rally under something you fail to believe in yourself.

I was lucky enough to attend the last concert ever performed by the original members at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 2011. Regardless of politics, social status or personal level of rage that night, the overriding feeling by the 100,000+ crowd gathered that night was “united we can take on the world”.

I have the utmost respect for the way the band conduct themselves and the manner in which they are consistent with their beliefs. I don’t necessarily share their views on all of the issues they take on, but that is the beauty of what they do. It is about creating a foundation of respect for the idea that there is a place for your voice. You deserve to be heard and you should stop at nothing until your message is out there. If the mountain doesn’t come to you, fuck the mountain, conquer the sky and make your voice resonate across the valleys of the earth.

With great power comes great responsibility and I believe the music that emanates from this ethos should carry that weight. Of all the compliments one could wish be bestowed upon thee, Chris Cornell honored Tom Morello with the highest possible one: “To the most Just man I’ve ever known”. That’s how he dedicated “Redemption Song” to his fellow bandmate during an electrifying Audioslave concert I witnessed at the Long Beach Arena in 2005.

Prophets of Rage are a re-incarnation of the original band with a duo of vocalists that represent the roots of the band. It is astounding to see, hear and feel how these songs are more relevant and powerful than they’ve ever been.

#MakeAmericaRAGEAgain is not about the election, it’s not about swaying your political allegiance and it is certainly not about Donald Trump. It is about seizing the moment in which people are pondering their future and making them aware that the change they seek in their lives does not depend on who sits in the oval office. It’s the right time to take control of your destiny, become the person you’ve always dreamt of being. A nation of outstanding individuals will be a great nation, presidents be damned.

Music is therefore the conduit that will allow us to connect with that idea. Rage is back to light that fire in the pit of your soul. Their return is consistent with their message all along. For years they encouraged you to not accept the music that is being force fed to you, there are plenty of alternatives out there and when all else fails, grab a guitar and create the songs the world is failing to provide.

The challenge has gone mostly unmet (do check out The Last Internationale). So it’s time for a friendly reminder of what is possible and a beacon to follow in the darkness of night.

So how do YOU rage against the machine ? You do it by pursuing your dreams with relentless conviction. By acknowledging that the future we want is something we must create with our own hands. It is a commitment to working towards a goal greater than ourselves. It involves lending a firm hand to those forsaken by the system. Respecting your brother’s right to hold a differing opinion without judgement.

…But above all, it means you unapologetically rock the fuck out !


Rock and Roll Will Save Your Soul,


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