Rockaway Blockchain invests in Agoric

Matus Steis
May 21, 2019 · 2 min read
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Agoric is a blockchain startup bringing secure smart contract capabilities to a widespread developer audience. The 3 main reasons why Rockaway Blockchain invested in Agoric:

  1. Agoric improves the safety of smart contracts by redesigning the underlying security model: Shifting from Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) to Agoric’s object capability execution environment greatly reduces the risk of cyber-security attacks.
  2. Outstanding team with a proven ability to deliver: Agoric’s team is composed of pioneers in smart contract programming. Mark S. Miller, its Chief Scientist, produced his first related research paper in year 1988. Since then, Mark’s work has served as a basis for implementation of Cosmos blockchain and others.
  3. Great Deal: Considering the market size of decentralized finance, team quality, deal terms and associated risks, we believe Agoric investment provides exceptional risk to reward ratio.

Rockaway Blockchain’s CIO Dusan Kovacic commented: “We see a lot of teams building new smart contract platforms with only marginal incremental improvements to the existing ecosystem. This, however, is not Agoric’s case. Mark and his team are improving the space by an order of magnitude by bringing capabilities of object oriented architecture into the smart contract world. The existing base of mainstream developers will be able to include smart contract features into their products using tools and techniques they already know and love. .”

We are happy to partner up with Agoric and look forward to our common successes!

Rockaway Blockchain Fund

Insights from the Rockaway Team

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